28 Years Old

In 2017, I traveled abroad for the first time to Amsterdam and Ireland. Made a website for a family business, was introduced to the world of subsonic 300BLK, pellet grills, and mechanical keyboards. I've been making headway on learning about the web and better ways of building it. Living in Lakewood, Ohio with my girlfriend, Ashley and German Shepherd, Lola.

Usually I'm fighting time with SOTD and it's a losing battle every time. I was more prepared this year — learning from previous years' mistakes, I began working on the website in the beginning of the year instead of mid-December like I use to.


27 Years Old

Filmed on iPhone 6+, Canon 7D, Canon 70D and a GoPro Hero 4 Black.


26 Years Old

I'm working at Sprokets and living in Lakewood, OH. This year I was in my best friend Brian's wedding, visited Tenessee, Lola's video got picked up on the news and other sites, watched my brother graduate in Colorado, had a weekend in Put-In-Bay, went to Front End Design Conf in Florida, went to my buddy Tyler's wedding, bought a kayak, moved in with my girlfriend, went to Cincinnati for Labor Day, took a trip to Toronto with Ashley, my dad got a boat and a lot more! This year I also started Vlogging daily - which was as fun as it was exhausting, but love every second of it! It's was a great year and it went too quick.

Filmed on an iPhone 5, iPhone 6+, Canon 7D, Canon 70D and a GoPro Hero 4 Black.


25 Years Old

I'm working at Sprokets and living in Lakewood, OH. This year I met a girl with a dog, saw my brother in Colorado, visited Toronto, vacationed in Hawaii for a week (and made a video), visited Ashley's family in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, started playing Ingress and purchased my first snowboard.

Learning Craft CMS and leveling up my front end skills.

Filmed on an iPhone 5, Canon 7D, Panasonic HMC150 and a GoPro Hero 4 Black.


24 Years Old

This year was one of the busiest and productive years yet. I graduated College. Started my first real job. Had a great view of New York city with my friends, went to the Colorado Rockies with my family. Moved out of Akron, back with my parents for 2 months then back out on my own again. Moved my brother out to his college. And a lot more.

Filmed with an iPhone 4/5, Canon 7D and a Panasonic HMC150


23 Years Old

23 year old Graphic Design student living in Ohio, and in 2012 I took a second of video per day. A great way to look back on memories with friends and family. Some days are more exciting than others, but the motivation of making this video gave me the chance to go out (or some days take a break) and have some fun filming. As time consuming as this video was to make, I had fun making it and this has become a welcomed part of my daily routine!

Most of the clips were filmed with an iPhone 4, but others were filmed with a Canon 7D, a Panasonic HMC150 or a first gen GoPro.