Second of the Day 2012

By Keith Knittel


01/01 Fire & Ice: A tale of two coffees.
01/02 Trying to learn Javascript and jQuery, for free.
01/03 Long lines at the bank are boring.
01/04 A night of filming at The Skate Kitchen with Danny.
01/05 Jake's phone has a mind of it's own.
01/06 Found this gem on the old PC in our house. This is what I grew up browsing on...
01/07 Johnny's bird.
01/08 Late night drive home.
01/09 If you guys missed the interactive lecture I took notes for you.
01/10 XYZ, westside.
01/11 Printer ink was more than I paid for my printer.
01/12 Rainy Grafton trains.
01/13 Chee pote lay.
01/14 Eddie tre flips at The Skate Kitchen.
01/15 Whoever threw a knife onto the yellow sign gets free rent for a month, I'm still waiting for my room mates to pay up.
01/16 At the Pike v1.0
01/17 Working on one of the many revisions to my portfolio website. The hardest person to please is yourself, at least in my case.
01/18 I have a list of things I need to do more, letterpress is on that list.
01/19 Video Games are one of my many vices, XBL GT: pineconecelfone
01/20 You can either buy books at the bookstore, or go online and get them for half price.. The cost of books is too damn high!
01/21 Earlier this week I found out Transworld was have a contest called "The Cinematographer Project", This is when I filmed my entry. Click here to view it.
01/22 Someone decided it would be fun to smash my driver side mirror out while I was sleeping one night, thankfully I had some time to replace it.
01/23 Uploading the footage for The Skate Kitchen edit.
01/24 The wintertime is a horrible time for me. I tend to get sick easily, here are my secret remedies.
01/25 Went to the grocery with my room mates, all he wanted was some stuffing.
01/26 History of Graphic Design before and after.
01/27 Coffee: One of my other vices.
01/28 First crit in typography 4 of the year. Re-design the school of arts website.
01/29 College cooking 101. Uhh, thats still frozen. "Yeah, but I'm hungry now though."
01/30 New film board setup. TY/Bones, thank you for making such awesome wheels.
01/31 Sriracha makes anything taste good.


02/01 Paco likes to jump over things, from big to small.
02/02 Local skate videos are always a huge inspiration. Midwest Disconnect is no exception.
02/03 The winter is kind of boring and it's easy to get bored when snow keeps you indoors most of the time. I called this, "The Morale Booster."
02/04 Roughs for a Shakespeare logo.
02/05 Buffalo chicken dip, wings, beer and deep fried everything. That's all the super bowl is to me.
02/06 I proudly present to you, Brian's first legal beer.
02/07 Do I want to attempt to cook something, or just go to subway?
02/08 Welcome, to the Junior lab.
02/09 Went to The Skate Kitchen to film some stuff on the box. Still haven't done anything with this footage.
02/10 Magazine re-design crit, the Thrasher one is mine. For the record, Thrasher doesn't need a redesign. At all.
02/11 Chipotle is the cornerstone to my diet.
02/12 One of the top 10 best ways to kill a Sunday
02/13 Lunch.
02/14 History of Graphic Design.
02/15 Crunchtime.
02/16 The Twins are a huge inspiration. I knew basic CSS, but they did a workshop and exposed me to the power of CSS3 for the first time.
02/17 I need to go to the movies more often, I forgot what movie this was.
02/18 Suds with buds at the local watering hole.
02/19 My brother trying to be a tough guy. A home cooked meal never tasted so good!
02/20 Back to the Junior lab.
02/21 Typical Dragonrend/mp7 night.
02/22 Drive home from school.
02/23 In-between classes park trip.
02/24 Enjoying a refreshing beverage.
02/25 Beginning to film for my first full length skate video.
02/26 Making and breaking the grid, adding to my arsenal of books.
02/27 Studying History of Graphic Design.
02/28 Late night guilty pleasure.
02/29 Flash cards in the making.


03/01 After-class park sesh keeps me sane.
03/02 Stroll through campus with Delaine.
03/03 If anyone asks me to cook, I always tell them that is not such a good idea.
03/04 Snowy view. I'm going somewhere were it never snows.
03/05 Deadline approaching, it was a late night.
03/06 Good ol' U of A
03/07 Paper presentations at school, bucket of eyeballs was the most exciting for film. Lots of nice paper though.
03/08 Going to the parents for the weekend, time to pack everything up.
03/09 When I said put it in the water, I didn't mean drop it. . .
03/10 Midwest Disconnect premiere in Cleveland.
03/11 Movie night with Delaine.
03/12 A clip from the The Skate Kitchen march open house, skated by Kristian.
03/13 Skating federal, skated by Nick.
03/14 Magazine table of contents mockup.
03/15 New ledge in Cleveland. Throwaway nose slide, Skated by Eddie.
03/16 Outdoor pool table, Now that's class! Not to be confused with Now That's Class!
03/17 What better way to spend a Saturday than shooting clay pigeons?
03/18 Ever have to fit all your belongings into a compact car? It's the most depressing thing you'll ever have to do.
03/19 Ryan's digital brush strokes elegantly form a majestic mammal.
03/20 I mean, with gas prices the way they are. . .
03/21 Expired eggs.
03/22 Pool at the union with the room mates. I'm still not very good.
03/23 In need of some new tunes, Heartless Bastards helped me out.
03/24 New boards don't come as often as they should.
03/25 Jake and I filmed a line, but Doug already did it. Now it's throwaway.
03/26 Doug caveman's central.
03/27 Filming at the benches with Matt and Michael.
03/28 Matt makes wax Holgas in his spare time.
03/29 "When I tell you... to dump a body in the marsh, you dump him *IN* the marsh."
03/30 . . .holograms.
03/31 Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand.


04/01 I should be a pool shark by now, but I'm getting worse.
04/02 Skateboarding with a phone, Ooh shit ooh shit ooh shit.
04/03 Awesome lecture, if this than that . com
04/04 They don't call him Jump-ball Jimmy for nothing.
04/05 Kyle saved me, I was 2 dollars down and out of money. Vending machines hate me.
04/06 Doug was home from school, so we filmed in Cleveland a bit. Throwaway all day.
04/07 Whats the first thing you do with a mini Globe cruiser? Try to tre flip. Skated by Doug.
04/08 Turns out, skateboarding is a crime.
04/09 I guess your never too old for a holiday bag full of sugar. Or at least thats what I'm told.
04/10 Fires are 1 of 2 perfect ways to cap off the day…
04/11 The entertainment as of late.
04/12 Akron park, we meet again.
04/13 Little brothers birthday. The candle made noise, just what he wanted Mom.
04/14 The participants of the Tough Mudder, Electroshock Therapy.
04/15 Nikola looking for whatever he looks for at the local thrift store.
04/16 Production 2 classtime.
04/17 Something doesn't seem safe about this.
04/18 I know what your thinking. No, I don't freeze my clothes. I don't even shop at jcp.
04/19 Matt back lips in the school yard and I try to use a fisheye thats clearly not iPhone friendly.
04/20 I don't celebrate this holiday, but this seemed appropriate.
04/21 Jump-ball Jimmy illustrates trees for a project.
04/22 Netflix is the reason I don't have cable.
04/23 The 2012 graduating class' exhibition, come see what's new.
04/24 Walking into school, the daily grind.
04/25 Whats that? A yard sale with tons of cheap xmas lights? Why not?
04/26 Dan being the scrooge he is.
04/27 Doug back 180s in the streets.
04/28 Delaine made some cool glow in the dark hulk hands, but leave it to Scrooge Dan to take them.
04/29 Delaine and I find a cool bridge on a path in the park.
04/30 Attempting to learn from the best.


05/01 Johnny and some fellow Clevelanders came out to Akron to do some filming.
05/02 Turning in my Annual Report for Amy's Type class.
05/03 Quick night shish after doing homework all day.
05/04 Heisenberg, I mean Heidelberg.
05/05 Lakewood park with Jake and Eddie.
05/06 Filming with Matt, Eddie and Nick for Hungry, Matt exploded not 1 but 2 different bearings but found a blue scooter.
05/07 Pumping gas is getting to be a chore with prices rising.
05/08 Farewell old friend, you've been with me through the best of times.. and the worst of times.
05/09 My parents hanging out in the living room. Best hangout spot. Ever.
05/10 Powered by: Redbull. Or anything else that contains caffeine.
05/11 PTFO (w/coffee.)
05/12 My great grandma turned 100, I hope I can make it to at least half that. Happy birthday great grandma!
05/13 On the way home, got Brad.
05/14 Just another victim of the big pink candle.
05/15 My mom ordered couches from the interwebs.
05/16 #skateeverydamnday #oruntilyouhavetoomuchhomework
05/17 Jake is real Hungry
05/18 Delaine's first ever sip of legal alcohol at Melt.
05/19 9fest in Athens was one of the crazier times this year so far, in this clip MGK is "performing". I came for Chip.
05/20 Took the GoPro to 9fest, and at the end of the night it wasn't in my pocket. Went back the next day and the nice people found it that were cleaning up. Really thankful, but the footage on the camera never needs to see the light of day.
05/21 #creeklife , that's where the lost GoPro was found.
05/22 Root is in the top 5 coffee joints I've been to.
05/23 I cross these tracks everyday to Sprokets.
05/24 My noble iMac teleports to Lakewood for the summer. Where I have a constant diet of Chipotle.
05/25 Since we went to Athens on her real birthday, Delaine's party was on the 25th. She received this and the worlds largest wine glass from her cousins.
05/26 S. A. B. (Subway, Aldi & Burger King.)
05/27 PSG hosted East Meets West Game of Skate in Slavic Village, Doug won the past 2 years and this is him losing his crown.
05/28 Tinkering with an iPad.
05/29 Lakewood signage getting a facelift.
05/30 Bike rides, good food and fresh air.
05/31 Jake loves this spot, Eastside territory.


06/01 Great way to start June, rain and 2 power.. "flickers"? Just enough to turn off a desktop computer and lose your current work.
06/02 Preparing for the Archwood Street Sale. The Skate Kitchen Instapark is always a good time.
06/03 Buying random magazines at random bookstores.
06/04 The pink block claims another ledge, and the birth of my film chair (out of frame).
06/05 The time consumers.
06/06 The reason I need to take bike rides.
06/07 One of the local shops. Support local.
06/08 It doesn't really look like it but she's flat as a pancake. Unexpected expenses.
06/09 Living in the boonies has it's benefits I guess. Late night bon fires.
06/10 Decisions, decisions.
06/11 If everyday could be like this, life would be way better.
06/12 Setting up for the first shoot of a long project.
06/13 & lights.
06/14 & adapters
06/15 Tweaking scripts.
06/16 Jake ollies the 4 flat, getting ready for a battle with this spot.
06/17 Driving home from a long Crackron weekend.
06/18 This is easily my favorite clip I ever filmed. Made in Emerica made a stop in Lakewood and it was one of the better demos I've been to. Jon Miner used my lens wipe, Figgy gave me dap AND I filmed an Reynolds fs flip. I made an edit of it Here.
06/19 Let the chopping begin.
06/20 On the Made in Emerica tour, Templeton Instagramed this. It was a weird moment when I came across it and realized I walk over it everyday.
06/21 Welcome to my new routine, Jimmy Johns.
06/22 I've decided this is the worst cross walk in the history of ever. After waiting 5 minutes with no signal I just venture out into traffic.
06/23 Root beer flip cup.
06/24 Jake is a monster. If there is any free time he wants to film. Front boards.
06/25 Lorain has a new pier, Delaine and I went there when the wind and waves were of hurricane proportions.
06/26 Booking our Chicago trip, my first time being there.
06/27 Trunk & Branches.
06/28 Expired tags, E-check, DMV. Thats how I spent my day today.
06/29 Fireworks display round 01.
06/30 Spaces gallery downtown had cool wooden pieces to write on, enjoyed it.


07/01 Brad's truck going backwards up a hill, he was really excited about 4wd when he discovered it's potential.
07/02 An adventure to Toledo to buy a laptop off craigslist. Seems legit enough.
07/03 Mountain Lion, iMessage was completely worth it.
07/04 Fireworks display round 02.
07/05 First time in Chicago, Needless to say I got a lot of horns honked at me.
07/06 Typical tourist caption.
07/07 One of the best exhibitions I've ever seen. Being able to see the American Gothic was an amazing experience. I tried to take a quick video, but the staff was on their toes.
07/08 A walk away from the city.
07/09 I was told the laptop had 8GB of ram, checked all the other specs, got it home and there was 4. Who would of thought a random from the craigslist internets would lie?
07/10 Jake in his natural habitat.
07/11 Revision list I made last night.
07/12 A stolen Porsche in Lakewood decided to Chinese ollie this curb running from the police, gapped the road about 20-25 feet and continued to go down the hill. The driver was alright somehow.
07/13 Filming at Ralston, in between shots. Making script revisions on the fly.
07/14 The Berrics helped out Public Square Group with some product to giveaway. Those guys are so down for the skate scene and helped out a ton.
07/15 Toledo skatepark Doug and jake ollies.
07/16 Filming at Ralston again, Setting everything up and checking levels.
07/17 ProRes 422.
07/18 Chop chop chop
07/19 Saw Beach House at the House of Blues, with Delaine, Doug and Dale showed up.
07/20 Just 4 dudes ready for a weekend of filming. #HUNGRY
07/21 Doug fought with a switch heel for a while, but couldn't get it…… That day…
07/22 Fact: Doug has hit my camera more than anyone else. Now that I think about it, every camera I've owned he's hit somehow.
07/23 The weekend wouldn't be complete without an Instagram photo of someone sleeping.
07/24 Looked out the window and saw some sort of covering that I was certain was going to ruin the power lines. Spoiler alert: It didn't.
07/25 Mountain Lion install on the craigslist creation, I was sure it failed at least 3 times.. but it just took forever.
07/26 Going to Lakewood everyday was amazing for lunch breaks, I developed a passion for soups and Souper Market.
07/27 The saddest skatepark in the history of recorded existence. Avon Skatepark.
07/28 Skating in Lorain, not many spots but they will do.
07/29 The traffic coming home from work.
07/30 Get a few Instagrammers in a car and take them towards a city. This is the result.
07/31 How does one get sponsored by Robeks? I'm willing to jump hoops and go through the red tape for free smoothies.


08/01 Jake crooks Mosaic in Cleveland, OH.
08/02 Google Docs your life away.
08/03 Thought this clip was awesome and no one else would do it but Doug, Blind ollie over the bushes.
08/04 One of my favorite clips I filmed from the Zone Rec Skate Path in Cleveland, OH. Matt Brown-Tre.
08/05 I've spent a lot of time on this old Windows XP computer with IE6. Once I was introduced to Apple computers I never turned back. But still it was like shooting ol' yeller, bittersweet.
08/06 Sunset on Lake Erie with Delaine.
08/07 I didn't film this clip. I stayed late at work and couldn't film so I let Doug, Eddie and Jake barrow my cameras (against my better judgement) and this was the best clip that was filmed. "Being a filmer is SO easy". Filmed by Eddie.
08/08 Today, I was able to film and went to Animal Clinic with Doug and Jake. My friend Drew came along and filmed this for me. Thanks buddy.
08/09 One of my favorite hard drives ever. Yet to have an OWC drive fail on me, unlike some other brands. . .
08/10 Jake primo-s 2 times in a row on nollie varial heels.
08/11 Took a day trip to Columbus, went to Embassy and met up with some friends. They took us to this set and Doug came out with a few different tricks.
08/12 Hate it or love it, Nutella can fix the problems with the dead crops, dust bowl and the "ecomany."
08/13 Thanks to Sprokets, I went to Build Responsively. A 2 day Responsive web design workshop. It is amazing how you can learn more in a weekend than in a while semester at school sometimes.
08/14 A RWD exercise, thanks to Sparkbox.
08/15 Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up
08/16 Sad times, leaving the tree fort and moving my belongings back to South beach. I mean Akron… Too soon, Ohio?
08/17 I am lucky enough to live by one of the few remaining Drive-in movie theaters in Ohio, maybe even the East Coast. They are a great time, would love to see them come back.
08/18 At my parents house we recently got sewers put in. Long story short we had a big hole to fill with dirt.
08/19 Driving back to Akron
08/20 When your done, vent the system with a valve. Then just disconnect your calibrator from your pressure source.
08/21 The morning drive leaving Akron to film.
08/22 Between takes.
08/23 Michael crook 180s beacon ledge in Akron. He's got hops.
08/24 Between takes, yet again.
08/25 Justin at Now Thats Class! in Lakewood, OH
08/26 The day before classes start. 2 short semesters until graduation.
08/27 The premiere of "Condensed Flesh issue #3", a local video magazine in Cleveland, OH.
08/28 "The Roo" is name of The University of Akron's bus system, and it goes over this metal plate every 15 - 30 minutes at full speed from 8am to about 10pm and makes the loudest bang imaginable.
08/29 Ordered a book from amazon that couldn't of came fast enough.
08/30 Matt Marlatt has a part in my upcoming video, and gets clips every time we go skate. August 30th was no exception, he 5050's green awning, within a few tries.
08/31 The Ice cream always came when I never have any cash on me….. Well, thats more often than not.


09/01 It never fails, once the weather changes I feel the repercussion. Sick once again.
09/02 A day later, I get an email from my aunt who has made the best homemade chicken soup in the history of history. Couldn't ask for a better family. Thanks Aunt Ria!
09/03 My landlord decided September third was a good day to start dismantling a porch.
09/04 Corporate ID, are you working hard or hardly working? Looks like someone has a case of the Monda . . . Tuesdays.
09/05 MY GLASSES CAME! Every single pair I ordered for home try on is bent, great.
09/06 My late night kryptonite, Taco hell.
09/07 One of my many places of education, Folk Hall
09/08 I'm really thankful that I'm still able to edit while I'm still in school. I just wish I had more free time to devote to it.
09/09 I was put in charge of making contact information cards for the rest of my classmates in Design x Nine. A few quick sketches of initial ideas.
09/10 September, 10th 21012.. or as I refer to it, the day the earth stopped turning for a few command r's.
09/11 Corporate ID assignment on the blackboard. I thought everyone used white boards by now ?
09/12 The iPhone 5 was released today, I followed the up-to-the-second blogs, and in the midst of my apple fan boy-ism I totally forgot to take a second until all the dust settled.
09/13 The basic contact info cards, printed and laminated. Received some help from my friend B-Todd.
09/14 Making graphics for the video, "That look's like something Templeton would make for toy machine." Back to the drawing board.
09/15 I wanted to make a logo for Bookseller in Akron, so I went there to get some books and ideas. Definitely worth a stop if your ever in Akron.
09/16 Top 10 funnest things I've ever filmed, the Big Race in Cleveland, OH hosted by Public Square Group.
09/17 Before the Monday meeting, everyone still getting settled in.
09/18 My best thing about living in Akron is being able to skate to virtually anywhere. The adventure to get a cup of coffee.
09/19 iOS 6 update? Yus plz
09/20 One of the many critiques of the year. Preliminary logo crit.
09/21 Mexican food in general is my preferred style of grub. Delaine and I share Coronaritas waiting for our orders to arrive.
09/22 Moar graphics. See the edit Here
09/23 Throwing the broken, used & abused coffee maker into its final resting place and welcoming the new one into the house. As that dumpster was taken away I thought I heard "taps" playing gently in the distance.
09/24 New and improved, for late nights and early mornings.
09/25 The old sketch pad gets a break when the Field Notes arrive in the mail.
09/26 Walking out my front door to class this morning I was greeted to the sweet, deafening hum of the blimp passing over my house.
09/27 Walking home Peter decides he "wants to get in that fountain", and is successful. A warp pipe to another dimension. An 8-bit dimension.
09/28 For the past few days, this coffee cup has been my life. The assignment was to take a photograph and make a photo realistic vector in Illustrator. This was randomly selected, but pretty fitting for me. Coffee and I are on a love/hate relationship for a while. It's getting ugly.
09/29 Rollin on the River is now an annual event in the flats of Cleveland at the future home of the Cleveland skatepark. This year (since there is not park yet) The Skate Kitchen truck brought some ramps and Dale built this Ohio launch box for everyone to skate. Cleveland DIY is alive and well.
09/30 Back to reality and back to work on the coffee cup.


10/01 Layers of the cup are coming together
10/02 Printing the cup out and comparing the printed vector to the photograph.
10/03 I generally don't like going to Pat Catan's, but we have grown to be friends over the years. When Ruples doesn't have something, Pat Catan's is the go-to. This time it was for double sided tape.
10/04 I've also been working on some logos for Bookseller, Rubber Manufactures Association and City Mission (for school) and today is a crit day.
10/05 One of my last Gen Ed's ever, Oceans. As fun as this class is I can't wait for it to be over.
10/06 "It's jungle juice, and that's all you need to know."
10/07 Papa Johns after 8 or 9 closes their doors and resorts to a classic fast food tactic: The Drive-through Window.
10/08 Upon visiting the local Acme, I spotted something other than groceries.. a bird. No idea how this little guy managed to sneak in unknown.
10/09 Laundry day is the most boring mundane day out of the week.
10/10 Homework overload, Sleeeeeeeeeeeep.
10/11 Instead of doing homework, I do random things.
10/12 Upon reading my skateboarder mag this month, Kevin Terpening graces that back cover and soon my wall.
10/13 Peter and firecrackers.
10/14 Quick grid for a magazine layout.
10/15 Whiskey night with Peter.
10/16 Driving back to Akron.
10/17 Printing bookseller mockup letterhead for class.
10/18 Chinese food on Friday used to be a tradition, but since tradition is broken its alright to indulge on a Thursday.
10/19 Splattering some paint for Delaine's sweetest day present. Of course I waited til the day before and it was raining so I had to paint in the 30 degree basement.
10/20 Smoothies and wraps won't make you fat.
10/21 Online quizzes are annoying.
10/22 Film premiere at the Folk building.
10/23 I cannot wait until 3D printers are really affordable. So many good things to be printed.
10/24 Justin (the one pushing paint) is one of the most direct people I've ever met. He's taught me more in a few short weeks than others have in whole semesters. Need more teachers with the dgaf attitude.
10/25 Caffeine crutch.
10/26 Eddie had some #HUNGRY decals made, turned out great!
10/27 Roughly 15 people squatted in Dougs house for Halloween this year in Athens, this is the view from a random house.
10/28 Nikolas Buick had about 220 fluid ounces of carbonated water in it after this waitress brought us our orders.
10/29 Back to the great state of . . . Ohio.
10/30 Ohio felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy, can't imagine what it was like further East.
10/31 Design Week event where we showed "Beauty is Embarrassing".


11/01 Haven't been skating as much as I want lately, Akron park helps keep me sane.
11/02 Donut truck was the end of my Design Week, possibly the best way to end things.
11/03 I had 3 weeks to make an Illustration and I ended up doing it in a day, this was the sketch. . .
11/04 . . .and this was the final.
11/05 Delaine didn't know how to play chess, Crocker park has a few outdoor chess tables. Coldest game I've ever played.
11/06 As American as apple pie and fortune cookies.
11/07 Book show from The University of Akron, tons of cool books.
11/08 Somehow my parking passes got messed with, luckily The University of Akron has one free pass per semester.
11/09 Jimmy needed some help making a video for applying to Woodward, was glad to help!
11/10 Eddie Halfcab heel nose manual 180
11/11 Jake has hops.
11/12 #suckstosuck
11/13 Off to Folk yet again, less leaves on the trees.
11/14 aaaaaaand my hard drive is making loud noises. Run diagnostics, nothing comes back. Spoiler Alert: Turns out it wasn't my hard drive. The fan.
11/15 Only disc I have: Snow Leopard. I guess for good reason, since thats the last disc apple decided they were going to make.
11/16 Hopelessly addicted.
11/17 Skyfall is one of my favorite bond movies now.
11/18 Let the Christmas lights and music begin. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Revving engines and crying children.
11/19 Heading back to my parents house. Living out of book bags is wearing thin.
11/20 Fakie Ghetto Bird? Whatever it is, it looks like no one should ever do them.
11/21 Digital painting, I named him "Earl".
11/22 Early on with Thanksgiving Festivities over my Aunt Ann Marie's house! Finally a home cooked meal!!
11/23 One of the first revisions of The Bookseller website
11/24 One of the biggest mistakes I've made in a while. No longer a fan of this buffet.
11/25 Bookbag life, back to school.
11/26 Crit day with Earl! (See the 11/21) These digital paintings turned out really good for everyone.
11/27 The Bookseller's rubber stamp came, been stamping everything and taking photos.
11/28 I'm really broke. Trying to eat healthy foods is starting to take its toll on the wallet. Making smoothies at home cuts down on some costs.
11/29 Refining Melissa's original one page layout for the Design x Nine website. Trying to find the right simple style.
11/30 Printmaking put on a show of all their dud prints. I wanted to rip a few down and take them home, but that is "frowned upon" or something like that.


12/01 How I wrote things down before field notes is beyond me.
12/02 Going back to The Bookseller to shoot some photos and video. Nicest people ever.
12/03 Selfishly documenting a full tank of gas.
12/04 Lynda academy, jQuery edition.
12/05 Starting the final project for Illustration. This semester is flying by.
12/06 Back at the fort. Glad to be back!
12/07 Making some progress on the r/trees.
12/08 I went home to help Brad make his Food Choices video. Not the best time to stop doing finals and go home but he had a deadline that was sooner than mine.
12/09 Adding some color, learned some new watercolor brush techniques I've been itching to use. Don't really use a lot of watercolor.
12/10 Print out/cut out. The Testament.
12/11 Mounted the illustration to a sturdy book (History of Greek Art, purchased at The Bookseller!).
12/12 Obligatory 12/12/12 @ 12:12 grumpy cat screen shot.
12/13 Back at the fort.
12/14 Driving with Brad, hence the country music.
12/15 Ugly sweater shopping with Delaine.
12/16 Holiday BOGO at Starbucks. YUS.
12/17 Lakewood park in December, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
12/18 Final Cleveland Skatepark meeting before construction in 2013!
12/19 Time for a new setup, doesn't happen as often as it should.
12/20 Cold Skate Kitchen session.
12/21 Xmas cookie decoration with Delaine.
12/22 Pike Chrimbus wildman Thrash.
12/23 Pike Chrimbus Thrash part 2, I was there at midnight so it counts!
12/24 Christmas on my Grandma's side, Fun times!
12/25 Christmas on Delaine's Grandmas side, Fun times!
12/26 Editing this video.
12/27 Remember Build Responsively? This was one of the conditions of me enjoying those two days of RWD goodness. Time to pay the networking piper.
12/28 Jerrod lit his dad's candles, then blew them out. I've never seen that done before. I suggest trying it at the next birthday party you go to.
12/30 While Delaine browses, I relax and think about life… Or how Barnes and Noble Starbucks doesn't accept Starbucks reward gift cards.
12/31 Three, two, one. . .