Happy New Year!
Brad and my grandpa mounting his TV to the wall.
One of the last sessions at Chenga 57 before it closes it's doors.
Cleveland Art Museaum exploration with Delaine.
Doug hardflips Woodville Skatepark's set in the middle of the night.
A cold morning at my parents house.
My grandma cutting my brothers hair for him. She's been wanting do mine, maybe someday.
Cold traffic on a slow day.
Dropping off my ADDY entry to DCI in Akron.
Eddie and Jake kickflip nosemanual at The Skate Kitchen flatbottom.
Making the journey back to Akron, living out of bookbags is wearing thin.
Woke up to a loud bang and arcs of light. A guy ran into a telephone pole with his car right outside my window.
Dwight always agrees.
Easily on of my top 5 favorite comedians, Bill Burr.
Made logos with my friends and they are still up on the wall from last semester.
First class in 4D, we did what was essentially telephone but with post it notes on top of each other, the results were cooler than I thought they'd be.
Initial sketches of The Senior Show, how can I use NFC chips...
This is what happens when my room mates get weird in the middle of the week.
Sketches for a personal logo. I didn't end up using any of them.
Pasta night at 553.
Only took me 6 hours to cut, score and fold all of these boxes. Packaging might not be for me.
Refining an idea further for The Senior Show flyers.
Snowy drives to school. Can't wait for summer.
Papa Johns, Soda, Sriracha and Sunny can cure any sickness, or make it 10x worse.
Student Pizza Society, join and get a free button and slice of pizza!
Muzzle loader flintlock sparks.
Forever pumping gas.
One of the many critiques/meet ups about The Senior Show. The pressure begins to build already.
I'm about 98% sure Chris didn't know I took this. I try not to creep shot Seconds but Chris takes practice photos for his box mockups.
The results of not shaving for a month, goodbye.
jQuery selectors and filters, courtesy of lynda.com.


Student Design Society, first meetup. Pizza party style. This is part of our brainstorm!
Barrowed some lights from the school to take some photos of my work. I give these lights a 4/10. They've been beated and neglected but got the job done for the time being.
Working on my resume, version 245.23
A snowy drive to Sprokets for some stuff. Driving in snow is fun but when you can't go sideways it's pretty boring.
Packaging Design samples/breif. About time we got some packaging projects, I'm over folding templates. I want to design.
For the second year in a row, we were excused from a design class to celebrate Brians birthday. Well, first year we were encouraged. Second year took some convincing. Turning 22 isn't as big of a deal apparently.
Jailbreak for iOS 6 was released today, letting the iPad be the Guinea pig.
The struggle is real, it's come down to blending coffee beans in the blender.
Basement Bar sets on the weekdays, free Sam Adams. Yepyepyep.
Chicken wraps and green tea smoothies from pulp all day everyday, or until I run out of money. Eating healthy is expensive when cheeseburgers are a dollar.
I blew this shot, this is a tape measure that Andy got to touch the ceiling in the middle of class somehow. I couldn't find my phone to get the before, so the world is stuck with the 2nd half of a good second of the day.
Chin's pace. Peter and I have said we'd go there for years and today was the day. Pretty expensive but worth it ten times over.
It seems like my life revolves around this portfolio class.
Much needed Thirsty Dog Brewery visit with my roommate Dan. He asked me if I wanted to go at exactly the right time.
Technically this was after the Thirsty Dog visit with Dan but it's after midnight, so its OK. Really fun night. Just what I needed.
Visiting my parents, got a ton of snow. My mom will try to find any excuse to make me stay home!
First cultural diversity exam.. Writing all my notes on sketchbook paper gets weird looks from nondesign students.
I sold my Xbox a while ago, but Peter has a PS3.. so I mean.. why not play a few rounds?
Starting to sketch out an interactive video for 4D, it's going to be a loooong semester.
Since the schools light kit wasn't what I thought it would be, I took matter into my own hands. Slowly gathering my own light kit, and figuring out how to fold up light diffusers. Stuff they don't teach you in school!
Sketching and storyboarding then repeat until the a.m., also my roommates like to keep the house at barely above freezing, this heater is a life saver.
This is what a lazy Second of the Day looks like. Today was not a good day.
Recharging my batteries today.
Back to the grind. Working on my portfolio layout.
Like clockwork... I catch a cold. Hope I get over this real quick. No time for sickness right now.
My lights came today! Siked. Light kit is coming together. Good photos for my portfolio are right around the corner.
Senior Show critique, I've lost count on how many we've had.. Too many.
ActionScript.. 4D with Jimmy.


The ADDYS!! I've been waiting for a while for this, it was awesome seeing such great work! I got a silver award in the student category! Siked!
Lockview double date, went awesome. If you're ever in Akron, it's one of the few places I recommend!
High quality lunch with the legendary jcrutch.
I register way too many domain names. I'll actually put this one to use though!
Leaving school and notice a stalactite from my car.
Planning for the senior show, given duties and jobs.
Storyboarding an interactive story then taking it to Flash. This is undoubtably the most time I've ever spent doing anything in flash.
Tacos, tortillas and margaritas with Delaine. Exploring new places in Akron.
Theres a break in the weather and Jonny ollies into the grass euro. This spot takes a lot out of you.
Early in the morning we set up lights around a spot in Lakewood and skated for hours. Texted more and more people and they decided to come skate too. Good times and a lot of footage.
Representing Student Design Society.
Grocery shopping at Daves supermarket.
Productivity applications ftw.
Chalk never looked so cool. Also; animation hotline.
Reprinting a fresh print for my portfolio.
Nothing wrong with coffee at midnight, right?
Drews GTI made it to my wallpaper.
Free pink lemonade water mix on campus today. It tasted disgusting.
The struggle is real.
No longer a freeloader and got a key to The Skate Kitchen!
HUSTLE + Flourishes
Waxing my car sounds great until the garage wouldn't heat up and the wax wouldn't come off of my car. Then, not so much.
Getting ready for New York City. This cart was shared with 5 different people.
Whoever posted how to make homemade glow sticks on facebook tricked my brother. Hook, line and sinker.
Noone is home, blasting music and working on my website for the show.
Arrived in New York City and went straight to 30 rock to get a better view. It was an awesome experience.
MoMA featured a video game gallery that Kyle wanted to see. When we got there this was the first thing we saw. Code is cool.
Went to the HBO store yesterday and they said the Game of Thrones exhibit was going on tomorrow, naturally we went but I never though I'd get to sit on the throne. Or at least a replica of one. Got my picture taken like a tourist and it was completely worth it.
This was on our way to Ellis Island and taking the ferry past the Statue of Liberty. Can finally check that off of my bucket list.
No title.
For anyone who hasn't ridden a subway before, I can sum it up in 2 words: Loud + Dirty.


I was part of the "Digital Comittee"- I was given the task of making motion graphics and helping with the website for the show. Tracking down work from 30+ students, and gathering information was harder than making the actual motion graphics.
Replacement Mr. Coffee canister to the rescue.
Meeting for our senior show. Discussing where everyone is with their portions of the show. Branding was chosen and now we are discussing table tags, wall mounts and beginning to work on the website.
So what if I keep my photo of me on the throne in my GoT box? Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
Edit, Tweak, export, compress, upload and repeat.
Reprinted more pieces for my show, Earl made the cut for my wacom tablet portion of my portfolio.
Making progress on the Senior Show graphics. Stiiiiiill editing.
Did I mention anything about the senior show yet?
One of my favorite professors, Dave Szalay, gives a breif talk about his exploration into the "sketchy" world of illustration and design. Learning more about your professors and discovering the care they have for their craft only make me respect them more. Dave did a great job and I can't wait to see more of his Illustrations!
Back to The Fort for an anticipated change of pace. Editing videos for Sprokets so distributors of a client can have access to the raw file.
Jcrutchley is wicked good at darts. He sank 3 on top of each other and I made him redo it for my SotD and he did it agian. First time I've seen that happen in real life.
Visiting a nearby schools' graphic design show, their portfolios were pretty good but look very similar.
My brother Brad turns 18 already. It's his senior year already. Where is the time going?
Back to reality. These are the projectors we will be using in the rooms with everyone, I'm sure there will be some kind of problem with them.
Shortly after this clip was filmed and we mounted the projectors, we found out their was a problem. I thought the projectors were going to be 16:9, but it turns out someone told me some bad intel. They are 4:3. NICE.
Are you sick of seeing clips of the meetings? Are you sick of reading about them yet? I'm starting to get ready for this to be over and done with. I want to have a life again.
I really wanted a certain style of paper, and no where would run it through their printers without charging me a fortune so I went out and bought a ton of ink. And almost ruined my printer. But it was totally worth it, my resumes came out great.
Starting to get to be that time of year for filming outside again, and I can't wait. Some days are chilly still but it beats sitting inside or at an indoor skatepark. Matt and Jonny warming up.
Pumping gas more often than I'd like to be lately. Driving everywhere and running errands for days it seems like.
For our last party in our college house, we are having a wrestling themed party. In case you were wondering, these are the posts for the wrestling ring we are making. #itshappening
My phone was stolen and I've been reduced to this. The MagicJack app. Being without a phone gives you a sense of freedom.
Hey look, another meeting about our show. I swear I didn't do this on purpose.
This is a mans garage. Talking about welders, shovels, tractors. And my dad waving around his brand new way of telling time (I'm using his phone until I get a new one-Thanks Dad)
Setting up tables for the show. Everything is starting to come together in a real space and it couldn't happen any faster.
Today the wall graphics went up for the show and other small alterations to the projector. Long days.
Assembling the ring for the party. 2 major projects going on at once. #itshappening
The Show is finally here! I managed to get this video before anyone came and I put my phone on the dock. I made (And by made, I mean hacked together) a responsive portfolio site that was on my phone and tablet. Had my flash drives as giveaways, with my resume, business cards and samples of my work on them.
Nintendo 64 and Mario Party are relics from simpler times.
Although I don't show getting coffee with Jcrutchley very often, we've got enough coffee for me to be mailed a Starbucks Gold member card... So I think I need to lay off for a while.


Gallery sitting today. Took the early shift, no one is here yet.
Catching up on game of thrones, before peter made a bag of popcorn and fell asleep before opening it. Thanks for sharing, buddy.
Filmed Ingenuity fest in Cleveland today, a lot of cool acts. SARA !
Poolshots at Thursdays. The bar you never want to go to but always end up going to.
Cinco De Mayo is a holiday we take very seriously. It marks the relative beginning of nice weather and the upcoming end to the semester. Filled with all kinds of quirky traditions, and adding more year by year, but it almost always involves a porch and lounging around.
Studying for finals, specifically Cultural Diversity.
Walking to my last final in Cultural Diversity. I've been studying all week and pulled pretty close to an all nighter last night studying. Glad to get this nerve wrecking final exam over with.
One of the many nights hanign out with peter, always end up playing guitar.
Picked up my tickets for my graduation ceremony today. It's almost not clicking that I'm finally graduating.
Titos with Delaine before graduation tomorrow. Coronaritas were a new experience.
My parents, brother, girlfriend and grandparents tried to get to the venue early to get good seats for my graduation but they had nosebleed seats. Thanks brad for filming me walking, even if it was from the very top!
Moving back into my parents house until I can find a place in Lakewood. Like an old friend.
I'm blessed enough to be asked to stay with Sprokets and continue working with them! I'm really thankful to have a job doing what I love. This was the end of my first day. Flying a helicopter in the new office!
Back in Lakewood, back to Souper Market!
Green screen came in the mail today. I wanted to test it out and Peterwas playing guitar, so I told him play in front of it. Learned the hard way you have to have even light.
Buying new glasses has proved to be the most difficult thing to do. I want to buy them from WarbyParker.com, but my eye doctor can't fit my PD for glasses he doesn't have. Trying to do it myself with a permanent marker and and some cheap glasses from Marcs. Spoiler Alert: It didn't work.
First one in the office today, rendering video today.
Brad is getting ready for prom. Bringing back memmories. He's not happy ahe' my second of the day today.
Getting back to oone of my favorite games that I&apod;m not very good at: Horseshoes. Brad and I are practicing as much as we can. Our competition.. My grandpa. We're coming for the title.
Going cruising with Eric, Eddie, Nate and Joe.
Making Margaritas for the family. Still on the hunt for a place in Lakewood.
Opening up the office for the day. New lights!
One of the good things about living at home, dad beers. Now, I realize it looks like I took my dad's beer and am drinking alone in my room but this was a snapchat selfie video, and don't have the time to explain snapchat to my folks right now. So, I retreated to my room and shot this, then returned to the living room to converse.
Smoke bombs and wolfies. That is all.
While skating, we were going to coventry and found this slide. Naturally, we pulled over and inspected it we could skate down it. It was bigger than we thought but figured we should go down it anyways since we were alreadt there. Doug
Oberlin lighting and steel drums.
Driving 45 minutes to work is wearing a little thin.
Just waxed my car last night and it rained this morning. Not even mad. Those beads.
Today after work, I was presented with a Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster and a job offer. Glad to say I'm now a fulltime employee of Sprokets!
My grandparents recently sold their house and I'm helping them move into their new place. They live a lot closer to my parents house now!
Brad graduated from High School today, glad I was able to go and film this for him. It was both cool and a shock realizing how old I've gotten going back to the high school.


Regular vehilce maintenance. Changing my oil.
Driving to Marylland to check out a school with Brad. On our way, our front passenger side tire blew out when we were on the highway.
Brad waiting to meet an instructor and take a tour of the school. Looking at his Aviation schedule and I'd be placed as a Sophmore already. Well-rounded University education ftw.
Waiting for Brad to finish his placement tests. Since there is no internet connection (You have to be a student to get on the network), I decided to try to make a small sample website. I make something simple and try to destroy it. It's fun because it always works.
Skating in Lorain today when it decided to snow. Snowing cottonwoods that is. I'm allergic to these.
I picked up Doug and we went to go pick up some new running shoes, was pulled over and it turned out Doug knew the police officer in training. I still recieved the ticket.
I've been working a lot lately. Not only at my job but outside of work, Delaine surprised me by inviting my friends to one of my favorite bars in Lakewood and going out. When we got there all my friends were there, thanks Delaine!
Remember when I looked like an idiot trying to measure my PD with those cheap–o Marcs glasses? I submitted my results shortly after and Warby Parker sent me some glasses. They were completley wrong, but their phone support is awesome. Doing a lot to help me out. Remeasuring and trying again.
Cedar Point and I get along like peas and carrots. I've purchased a season pass the past few years and never regret it. Always thought about doing this but never had the guts. But the last time I rode The Mantus in 2013, history was made. Finally filmed on a rollercoaster.
I like things with motors. I like driving and breaking them, but my knowledge of fixing them is pretty limited. My brothers friend Blake has access to a 5.0 mustang with the baldest tires I've ever seen without the laces showing. I'm talking race slicks that used to be all-seasons. He tried to do a burnout after he pulled out of my parents driveway but there was'nt any smoke.
Don'nt mind walking to work in the summertime. The wintertime on the other hand...
Today, I joined teamtreehouse. I've been doing free tutorials online and reading misc books but I decided to try to learn a different way. Learning a lot so far.
I didn't really need a tv in college, so I sold it to my brother Brad. Well, I'm out of school now and need a tv again. So I bought it back from him and he bought a nicer, newer tv for the same price. Swindled.
Ashley had her birthday at Mahalls in Lakewood. First time there and it was pretty fun. Cheap food, beer and bowling with shows.
Brad's graduation party and had a few friends over. We played hosreshoes all day. Success.
We had tacos at Brad's party yesterday, there were a few Coronas left over. Dad and I enjoy them.
Skating in Lorain again. Same spot as the bilzzard of cottonwoods.
Moved the remaining things out of my house in Akron. Not going to miss living in the ghetto anymore. It was nice paying almost nothing for rent but the benefits stopped around there.
Nollie heelflip boardslide is serious business, especially before the crowd shows up. Lakewood Skatepark was home to two demos this summer.
I grew up playing video games, as any other guy that lived in the sticks did, and I only like a few games that come out anymore. Most of them are from Bethesda. I've played through every game they've released since Fallout 3. But I've played though Fallout 3 at least 3 times and it gets better each time. I can't wait for the new fallout.
Nollie heelflip boardslide is serious business, especially before most of the crowd shows up at the Ipath demo. Lakewood Skatepark was home to two demos this summer.
June 21st marks the beginning of summer for most people, but for skateboarders it's Go Skate Day. Matt, Doug, Jake, Eddie and Mike did some filming with me today. It was fun getting people together to go skate street again.
On my quest for complete and utter JavaScript destruction, I broke teamtreehouse. Or the were doing regularly scheduled maintainence. I like to think I broke it somehow though.
Back to Cedar Point for a late night on some roller coasters. Rode the Maverick in the front seat tonight and got a face full of bugs. Brotein.
The oldest trick in the book. Adding the essentials to my bag.
Went to Mezcal in Grafton fpr dinner tonight and there were hail storms as we were leaving. So, naturally, we stayed for a drink. No hail damage on the car.
Price check on a new notebook.
Rainy drive back to Grafton from work.
Drew, Joe and I looking for a place in Lakewood/Cleveland and came a cross this mobile bike bar. We tried to find a place close the there but didn't have any luck.
Checking out more hoses in Lakewood, this one was alright but was really old. The gas bill in the wintertime would'nt be fun to pay in the wintertime.


Today is my birthday, I had a second planned out but today was also the day I signed the lease on a place in Lakewood. This is moments before I handed the lease to my new landlord.
Wnet to Bar Louie in Crocker park and my friends were already a table of beers into dollar beer night.
Blake bought fireworks this year and wanted to make it into my Second of the Day, I told him if he lit those fireworks off I'd film it and thats how that happened.
If you can't tell, I like shooting guns. I don't own many of them. I don't own this ar, but someday if I can save up some money I'd like to. Holding onto the magazine is way easier.
Went to the Horseshoe with my parents today and lost 60 dollars. What a waste of money. At least we had fin losing it.
Drew and I went to Goodwill to look for an end table/coffee table, didn't find much.
Sketching more logo ideas for Hungry.
Remember that day my glasses came in the mail and they didn't fit? They are finally going back.
It was raining on my drive home, I went to take out my phone to shoot a video at a stop sign, drove a little while then it was dry. Nice.
A dewey morning in Grafton.
Havn't really been advertising it, but I've been doing cardio after work. Not use to sitting in a chair for so long everyday.
Moving out, buying house things. Like lamps. This is weird.
Nate wanted to make an edit of his car, but I've never filmed a montage of a car before. Here is one of the test shots I liked.
CHI POTE LAY – trying to win a years worth of burritos.
Went to Dairy queen and ordered the blizzard of the month, but there were two posted blizzards of the month. Get your shit together DQ, which one did I just order?
Early morning coffee and traffic on the way to work.
Construction in Lakewood begins. Let the detours and confused drivers commence.
Matt and Justin play catch at a spot we were skating in Canton.
Sprokets purchased an airport extreme today, and not only did I film my Second of the Day, but I had a flashlight to see what I was doing in the rafters.
I was going to take a second of the pool when we first opened it, then of it clear and put them together. I forgot to shoot the clear video, but it would of probably been around this time.
Jake is still trying to nollie heel this gap in North Ridgeville. I'm calling you out right now.
Whenever I go skate with Matt he always gets at least 3 or 4 clips. This day was no different. Getting clips at a few spots in CLE.
Driving home from work on i90, yet again.
Eric like walking (or jumping) into loose foliage and walking around with leaves in his shoes.
More hungry sketching. I still don't like any of these. Just waiting for that one.
On our way to Pittsburgh for a skate trip before summer ends and Doug goes back to school. Nice spots in this city!
Today we skated around the city, then straight to Primanti Brothers for some sandwiches of epic proportions. No one wanted to skate after we ate these. Probably not the greatest idea but it was delicious.
Went filming for the majority of the day today. Saw some local skaters and asked them were a few spots were and they showed us around. Will have to remember that when they come to Cleveland. Doug rLL.
It looks like Jake ad Doug are looking at buildings like some tourists, but in reality they are standing down-wind of a fountain and getting misted in the heat of the day.
Friends playing volleyball at a bar is cool to watch but we usually end up getting food and hanging out. Genious business model by the bar though.
This is the last night at my parents house with all of my stuff. Ready to move closer to my work, I was spending my entire day driving to come home and eat dinner then go to bed. Packing everything up and getting ready for the move tomorrow.


Moving into my room in Lakewood. Thanks to my parents and grandparents for helping me.
Slowly making progress. You never know how much stuff you have until you have to take it apart, put it in a truck and re assemble it.
After non stop work to get all of my belongings in place, we have the house warming party. This is the beginning of it, John is ordering wheels off of amazon for his car.
Drew needed some holp getting the rest of his stuff from his dads house. I decided to help him out and barely had room in his car.
Finally finished with one of the promos for HUNGRY. Showing it at the skate kitchen before my buddy Craig's video, Clips Ahoy.
Brads first time eating at Melt in Lakewood. We both left feeling like we gained weight.
Lori went to leave the office today but then ran back in and shut the door behind her saying "There is a bird in the hallway." Upon further exploration it found its way to a fake tree in our office neighbors office. We were able to get a trash can and put cardboard over the top to release him/her back into the wild streets of Lakewood.
Getting ready for the premiere of Clips Ahoy tomorrow.
The premiere, showed the hungry promo before it and had a pretty good reaction to it. Would of had a second of that but I was too busy watching the short promo and seeing what people responded to.
The after party from last nights premiere went into the wee hours of the morning, I had to pack for a week long vacation/moving my brother to college trip to Colorado. My dad drove first, I slept. This is around noon when I switched cars and rode with Brad. Surreal helping Brad move out already.
A lot of driving, we are here. It's late in the day and we all need to sleep.
Colorado is either wide open space or mountains. I love it out here. Brad scouts Jackalopes with an AR.
We went to the school yesterday to see if Brad could get a schedule and take a tour but they were all booked up. Today was our tour and the school is pretty nice. Every computer has APC backup power incase the power goes out. Gotta love that.
Typical touristy stuff with my Aunt Marcia and parents. Took this time lapse after snapping a ton of photos of the mountains. Tomorrow, I finally get to go into the rockies. I can't wait.
Today we went into the mountains and it was everything I thought it would be. It sounds cheesy and touristy, but I could see myself living here. I like the outdoors and breathing fresh air. Hiked my first trail in the mountains today. Saw smokie the bear. But before any of this happened, my dad did something I've never seen him do. Vacuum. So instead of my hiking and having an awesome first time experience in the mountains, here is my dad vacuuming my cousins apartment. In all it's glory.
I don't feel so bad about yesterdays clip, instead of showing my first time in the mountains.. here is one of my favorite views in the world. Maroon Bells on the border of Pitkin and Gunnison in Colorado.
The bittersweet drive home. It's weird leaving my brother in another state. Now that we are older, the age difference between us doesn't seem that great.
Catching Drew up on Game of Thrones. He is just getting into it. Don't mind rewatching them.
Drew has a strict diet. Ice cream is alright though. He came along with eddie and I to go filming today and the spot was right next to an ice cream stand. So naturally, we had to get some.
The best part about moving somewhere new is exploring the new landscape. In this case, it's sidewalks, bars and resturants. Nice change of pace.
Maybe it's because I grew up in Grafton, but I love going to the truck pulls and the Lorain County Fair. My dream of a lifted truck and a lowered car in my garage is thought about daily.
More Lakewood exploration. Joe and I stop into the Winchester for a pint and to see open mic night. Some acts are better than others, but this guy is the best so far.
The Golden Goose. Doodle inspired by a coworkers tweet about Veruca Salt's I want it now song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
After work yesterday I went camping with my parents. Today, we went fishing off the pier and didn't really catch anything that great. But had a good time fishing.
Some of my friends are still in college and it's nice to go to their house parties instead of people trashing my house. This house party was insane. It spilled into the lot behind then turned into an alley rave. People throwing out bosex of 5 hour energy and jumping off roofs. The next morning was rough.
Figuring out my bike lock, thanks for the bike Heather!
More support for volleyball at the bar.
Eric is very serious about pressure calibration and learning the ins and outs of the product.
Eric coffee co. in Rocky River had a deal on smoothies. Had to stop in and try it. I should of just got a coffee.
The walk home I rarely have to wait on a train, but waiting on foot is a whole new level of awkward.
Aaaaaand I got pulled over coming out of a construction zone on the way to Cincinatti. A crappy way to start a great weekend.


This is the description of what happened today.


This is the description of what happened today.


This is the description of what happened today.


This is the description of what happened today.

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