25 years old

I'm working at Sprokets and living in Lakewood, OH. This year I met a girl with a dog, saw my brother in Colorado, visited Toronto, vacationed in Hawaii for a week (and made a video), visited Ashley's family in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, started playing Ingress and purchased my first snowboard.

Learning Craft CMS and leveling up my front end skills.

Filmed on an iPhone 5, Canon 7D, Panasonic HMC150 and a GoPro Hero 4 Black.


Happy New Year! My brother and I welcomed in the new year with 3.5in birdshot.
Back to snowy work after the new year. World of Beer sounds pretty good right about now.
Thanks to the snowplow guy, I''m working from home today because I can't get my car out of my parking spot.
Catching up on Game of Thrones. Bought the DVD/Blueray/iTunes version at Target and it was cheaper than just buying it outright on iTunes. Facepalm.
Woke up before dawn and to Brads hunting spot and filmed him for about 4 hours.
Notes from a client meeting. Working on product videos and finally getting the graphics in place.
Checking the weather from the comfort of my computer chair. I don't want to go outside anymore.
My grandma was really concerned when I told her she was going to be on the internet after I filmed this. She's a sweetheart.
Ran into Peter in Lakewood. Hardly get to see him anymore.
Living in Lakewood has spoiled us rotten with craft beer. The beverage store at the end of our street has plenty of good beer and Joe and I are going to try them all.
Never use to ride the rapid much, but now that we live walking distance to it, it's the best way to get downtown to go skating, see shows and hangout at the bars. We went to the bar.
This is technically the next day, but late night after we got home from bars downtown. Honda Matt getting loose.
Happy Monday.
I'm one of those people who let a few people have access to my Netflix accout, tonight I was locked out because people were watching Dexter and Beverly Hills Cop from my accont. Not even mad.
Brewing and drinking beer at The Brew Kettle with Jason, Rod, Grandpa and my Dad. Man stuff.
In an attempt to eat clean, Joe and I shop at Trader Joes. It happened to be blizzarding today. Dedication to eating healthy is strong with these ones.
DH business meeting/game night at Erics house. Pool, Smash Bros and Mario Party.
These are my roommates. Drew ordering pizza and Joe eating ice cream. We go through copious amounts of paper towels, tp and a handfull of other things. Sams club buying in bulk is a must.
Shooting some coilpacks for HS Tuning. Doing a bit of photography work for them lately.
We've been talking about tossing the christmas tree off of the balcony since before we got a christmas tree. Today, it was a reality. It was exactly how I imagined it.
End of the day shinanigans at Sprokets. Theres a story behind this, but for the life of me I can't remember.
Remember that beverage store I was talking about? Usually there are fancy trucks outside of it. Today, it was a Pabst truck.
Lori and I went to see a Mossimo Vignelli documentary at CSU, and I didn't realize how many different areas of design he and his wife Lella were major influences. Raw inspiration.
I want to live somewhere warmer.
If I lived somewhere warmer, I couldn't go ice fishing though.. Manually drilling a hole to fish out of for my mom just before we got kicked out of the duck pond. Sorry ranger.
Drew and Joe are pool sharks. Me, not so much. Iggys in Lakewood has live music and a half dozen pool tables. It's quickly becoming the local hangout.
Took a field trip to my first Montessori school today. The kids needed photos shot for a fund raiser, Vince shoots a photo of Greta.
Okay guys, zero degress was bad, but negative seven is worse. Come on spring.
Sony VX1000's will always hold a special spot in my heart. It was the camera that pioneered skateboard filming and made it what it is today. I miss that camera all the time and bought this filmbot bottle opener as soon as I saw it.
In the wintertime, just add 20 minutes to whatever your doing and thats how long things take. Warming up cars and dusting them off is multitasking from December through early March.


Counter Strike GO was on sale today, so I finally bought it.
Wathing the Super Bowl over Nates house and everyone is trying to beat each others high scores in flappy bird. Two at once is impossible.
Another below zero day. This is my walk back from Chipotle.
I found 4 wings in the freezer that I forgot about. Thought there were more, but the bag was decieving. This is the saddest snack ever prepared.
Bottling beer at Brew Kettle! The best part of the entire process, because you get to taste what you've made. We made our own version of Winter Warmer, a mellower christmas ale.
Winter Warmer at the house. /heart-eyes
Drew was selected to get access to the early rounds of The Elder Scrolls Online beta. I can't wait to play it.
In the wintertime, your windshield is never one hundred percent cleaned off. Theres always a stray piece of ice somewhere. Unless you're lucky enough to get a garage spot. I'm clearly not that lucky.
Stopped into HS tuning to pick up another round of products to shoot photos of. Nate got new wheels for his car.
Shooting more Ralston videos. This time we're at Gateway in Downtown Cleveland with Jurgen.
Eric was a little camera shy for this one. Just because he didn't know what to do. Lunch at Somethings Smoking. The inside of this place smells so good. Smoked Macaroni and Cheese!
Hopp Notch IPA and the most intense series on TV right now.
Sometimes, you just need to surf Reddit and watch Louie. Tonight was one of those nights.
What a fantastic Valentines day. Walking to my car to go to work, and discover someone hit my side mirror. This is the second time this has happened.
Drew bought a new toy for school. I mean, a study tool. Definitely an iPad for studying.
This is the year that anytime someone says “you” in a song, we substitute “drew”. Pretty sure he hates us. It's all in good fun.
Drew just received the best mouse pad ever.
This is what I walked home in today. Also, the spelling on the door.
My parts finally came in to fix my side mirror. Driving around like this makes me upset.
Visiting my Grandma and Baby Tae is over. She's adorable.
In the wintertime, Copious amounts of hot tea and coffee are consumed so I don't freeze to death. Just thought I'd include a second of another daily ritual.
Dead Meadow came to Cleveland to play at the Grog Shop. Naturally, I had to go. I drug Ashley with me and she said she liked it, but I have a sinking suspicion that she only marginally liked it. Either way, it was a great show.
The next day after the show were both pretty tired. Watching random things on TV and we came across this. Ashley said she had a car just like this and showed me a picture of it. She's kissing it. Immediately pic stitched it together with the my strange addiction guy.
Dark, cold, lonely oil change. Yawn.
I came home with Chipotle to find Joe purchased a new computer. Pretty cool, even though it's a pc...
Ontario Street Cafe. Downtown Cleveland by the casino. The cheapest booze you'll ever find.
Snowing. Over it.
Ashley singing karaoke at Eddie and Iggys with her friends.


After a long day of forgetting to film a second, the night cap beer.
Like clockwork, sickness strikes. Came home from work and vegetated.
Okay, tonights beer is more significant. First time we can get our hands on Chillwave from Great Lakes Brewing Company.
Still sick, hanging out with Lola on the couch.
Saint Seneca at The Grog Shop with Ashley, Alyx and Ariel.
Amazon Prime is one of the best services around. Free two day shipping and lightning deals are dangerous for my bank account.
Picking up Brad from the airport. No one knows he's home yet. Were going to hangout tonight and tomorrow then surprise my parents at dinner tomorrow night.
She cried! My mom cried! Tears of joy, of course. She never gets to see brad anymore, and she was so happy to see him after months of talking on the phone. Operation sneak Brad home was a success.
Pulp Fiction on Netflix to end the night.
Visiting Brad at my parents house, in the basement my dad tries to lift. Here he is showing off his leg press abilities.
Walking down my frosty steps to work in the morning.
Went to the doctors today, my throat hurts and I think I might have strep throat.
I don't have strep throat, but the doctor prescribed antibiotics and told me I may need to have my tonsils removed. Picking up my antibiotics and Walgreens.
Joe, John and I went to Taco Tontos to start off the night.
Went to a gunshow with my brother and dad today.
Sending Brad back to School and Colorado.
St. Patricks day car bomb out of a plastic cup.
Remember when we went to the gun show?
The lovely Ashley and I went to dinner at Green House Tavern downtown and made a pit stop at Ontario Street Tavern.
Made an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic in Medina and was told I need to have my tonsils removed as soon as possible. Oohhh fudggeee.
Back at work, morning updates.
Ashley sings Karaoke at Eddie and Iggys.
Drew a nice “K” on a post it note and decided to put it in my sketch book.
Obligatory Chipotle second of the day.
Ashley took me to B Spot for the first time and we shared a Bacon, Maple Bourbon and Vanilla bean shake. Babe status.
Went in for my tonsillectomy pre-op today and had to have blood taken. Not a very fun time.
Practicing, but not getting much better.
Drew, Alyx, Ashley and me went to My Friends Place for 2:30am dinner. Alyx stirs Drews coffee for him.
My grandma Knittel knew I was going in for Tonsillectomy surgery soon and this is the care package she sent me.
Ending the day with some south park.


Been sticking to a pretty good diet and have been working out regularly. My goal is to be 180lbs while eating healthy and just increasing how much I eat. That's a 20lb weight gain for the record.
Today I'm having my tonsils removed. Told my anesthesiologist about SecondoftheDay and said he'd love to film one for me. I'm so sedated I can hardly feel any pain, but everyone says after the drugs wear off I'll be out for a week or two.
I've never been in this much pain before. Binge watching Top Gear.
I can hardly get out of bed today. Waking up is the hardest because my pain medicine wears off and it takes about twenty minutes to a half an hour for it to start working after I take another dose. Swallowing hurts and I haven't really been able to eat. Really hungry.
I've moved onto Trailer Park Boys. Eating lots of Jello and drinking Gatorade. I thought relaxing for a week was going to be great, but this is awful.
Venturing downstairs today. Finally getting out of my room, but not well enough to go outside. Still taking pain killers and craving real food, returning to Top Gear for today entertainment.
This one is kind of gross. Today, I was playing video games and I felt a large rush of blood start pouring down the back of my throat. Not knowing what to do, I had my roommate take me back to the hospital where I had to have the back of my throat re-cauterized. And essentially starting the healing process over again. The doctor said only one to two percent of people have that happen. Lucky me.
Today my mom picked me up and I went to my parents house for the day. Where I sat on their couch and watched Top Gear, ate Jello and drank Gatorade.
Not wanting to show you guys Top Gear again, I put on a Wedding Crashers so I could take a second of that. And that's what I did today. Ashley has been going out of her way to help me out. She's been staying over here every night and helping me with anything I've needed. Scoring Major girlfriend points. I really just want to be better at this point. I finished every episode of Top Gear and almost done with Trailer Park boys. I feel better today, but I was told to just take it easy for another day before trying to do anything.
Feeling a little better. I really want Chipotle. And I have a brand new Blendtec blender that I'm going to review soon. So, I figure... what better way to break it in than blending a Chipotle burrito?
Really starting to feel better. Still can't eat solid foods, but beer is okay! I lost a lot of weight not eating. I'm almost 145lbs. I have a lot of work to do to get to 180lbs.
Today I can eat some small solid foods. Still able to drink beer though!
Felt really good to get out of the house and take Lola for a walk. Ashley has been a life saver and has been taking care of me lately. Lola has been at her house alone a lot. Sorry Lola. I hope this slow-paced hike makes up for it.
I can eat solid foods today! I had a soft taco from Sidelines in Elyria and drank booze with my friends. Finally, a social life outside of the house.
Back to reality. The cold walk to my car going to work.
New time machine backup drive and rechargeable batteries from you guessed it, Amazon.
This is what I've missed most these past few weeks. Chipotle is the cornerstone of my diet.
Going out to Avenue Tap House with Alyx and Ashley.
It doesn't hurt here, or here.. It hurts riiiiight here.
Visiting Ashleys grandparents in Port Clinton and taking Lola to the lighthouse. She's a water dog.
That feeling when you get back from a trip and you lay in your bed for the first time.
Back to work. Editing Ralston videos.
I got a dribbble invite! Now, I just have to make some cool stuff to put on there. Thanks Michael!
This is how I throw away 80% of my trash.
Back the The University of Akron for the Senior Show. I remember how much work we had to put into ours, they pulled theirs off really well.
Made some t shirts for everyone for dOUg fest at Ohio University. Remembering what college towns are like. Beer cans everywhere and random antics, like chopping a broken table with an ax.
Driving home from OU always involves a mixture of slight hangover, feeling like garbage from eating fast food all weekend and being bored out of your mind knowing that you have to drive 5 hours home. But it's always worth it.
For Adrians birthday, Ashley and I met him and Brian and Ashleigh at Melt. Ashley got her deep fried sandwich deep fried again and it was disgusting.
Dusting off the summer wheels and putting my winter wheels in the basement. The difference between the two is really noticeable. Don't cheap out on tires.
Ashley cooking for me. /heart-eyes


Lola had the worst breath after I let her lick the left over cheese out of my late night Taco Bell dinner.
Ashley singing Kiss From A Rose by Seal at Eddie and Iggys.
Hangover brunch. I never knew brunch was such a big part of being a twenty something.
Legendary bottle opening. It happened when Joe threw the Nerf football upstairs to someone on the porch. It almost hit Peters beer, then it evolved into lining up empty beer cans on the edge of the porch and trying to knock them down. Finally branched into putting a bottle opener up to an unopened beer bottle and trying to open it. We all never thought it would work, but you'll never know until you try.
The Annual Cinco De Mayo party. Preparing so much mexican food and smashing it with friends. It gets better and better ever year.
Relaxing on the couch. I'm too tired to fight for the controller so I'm forced to watch an awful show on TLC.
I filmed a SARA for Markus at The University of Akron.
I hardly go fishing enough anymore. This is at the club in Amherst. They stock this pond and it's a fun place to stop by if you've got a few hours to kill.
Flying to visit Brad and Nate in Colorado. Looking forward to some vacation time and spending time with Brad.
The first chipotle! It's smaller than you'd think it is. And the ordering process is a little different. It's more restaurant style, you place your order by just telling them what ingredients you want then they go and make it. Not the traditional assembly line were all use to. I tried to keep my cool, but I could'nt. My aunt Marcia bought me a t-shirt and we were able to go in the basement and sign our names with permanent markers! I'm proud of myself for only drawing one small wiener and it wasn't too obnoxious. A tasteful dick drawing, if that exists.
This was a snapchat, my apologies for the quality and vertical filming, but this was too much of a gem to not post. Ginger snaps.
I could drive in the mountains all day. Beautiful views everywhere and the weather is always clear, unlike grey Cleveland.
Rocky Mountain National Park with Brad for the day. We went hiking all day and found a great spot to go camping next time I come out there.
More hiking in the mountains. This is the view from the camping spot Brad and I picked out.
Nate is getting his Private Pilots license and he needs to log more hours flying before he can fly alone. He'a great pilot and his instructor caught me filming on my phone and tried to get me to puke or at least feel uneasy. He stalled the plane in mid-air and did a few tight turns. I didn't get sick, but it was a lot of fun!
Packed up Brads car and made a bed on the side of the 4 Runner. It's the perfect spot to sleep while the other person drives. Only stops for gas, coffee and number twos.
Back in Lakewood and going out with some friends for a beer at Kenilworth. Good to be back home.
Ashley inherited a bottle of bourbon aged 160 months from her great grandmother. She got it from the Ohio State Fair in the 70's and it's been open for a long time. I'm sure it was really good bourbon back in the day, but it's lost a lot of flavor. Still cool to say I've tried it though!
Ashley got steaks from the Westside Market and we cooked them with potatoes, corn, noodles and a side salad. She's a babe.
Shooting some 360 product photography for the product videos. They turned out really well! Best client ever.
Can't really see it that well, but this was a major storm in Lakewood. It peeled gutters and siding off of a few houses.
Mixing concrete to make weights for the bottom of signs at East Meets West Game of Skate.
Tired today. Just tired.
Went to the beach with Ashley and Lola put her life vest to work.
I didn't film it, but I went to the hospital the other day because I thought I had a hernia, the doctor said I did't, but today I would hardly walk and I had to be rushed to the emergency room. It turns out I have an Umbilical Hernia and I have to have surgery as soon as possible. Current pain level: 8/10. They prescribed me more pain medication but I don't want to take it. I'm sick of taking pain meds from my tonsillectomy.
Happy birthday grandpa Knittel. Nice to see the family and take it easy.
Since my Hernia diagnosis, I'm not allowed to pick up anything heavy. Been doing a lot of couch surfing. Adrian brought me a Jamoca shake and bourbon and Lola wanted in on it. Lola the Lush.
As a new dog dad, I've learned that if you want to make a dog lose their minds just mention going outside. Or grab your keys. Or put on your shoes.
Dan at work had tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra and couldn't go. He offered me the tickets and I told Ashley we were going. We both haven't been there in at least 10 years. Was fun but it took us roughly 20 minutes of looking like idiots trying to find our seats.
Ashleigh and Brian brought a ton of small bottles of fireball for us. Thanks guys!
Obligatory Chipotle line post. I need stock in Chipotle.


Camping in Mohican with my parents and Ashley and I went tubing down the river. Highly recommended. We should have brought a cooler.
The morning ritual.
Every time Lola is in a car she puts her paws on the center console and looks out the windows.
Working on stuff for Public Square Group after dinner.
Visiting Port Clinton for Ashleys birthday and she orders the biggest drink with the most alcohol. Turning 25 is rough.
Came home to a loud banging of siding in a wind storm today. So, being the proactive destroyer I am, I put on some gloves and ripped it off the side of the third floor.
Party bus for Ashley and Saras birthday! I took other video, but it's wildly inappropriate. So you guys get the outside of the bus when it first showed up at Booths.
I purchased some brush pens off of Amazon and I love using them for lettering. Not very proficient with them yet, but you gotta start somewhere.
I was coming home from work and I saw Drew driving up and asked if I wanted Chick Flia. He didn't even have time to come to a complete stop before I jumped in his car.
Hernia surgery is rapidly approaching. Here is the view in the room waiting for the doctor to show up for my pre-op check up.
Trying to gain weigh is tough when you're eating clean and working out. I don't want to lose any weight from this upcoming surgery so I'm eating a lot lately getting ready for it. I love this blender.
I needed some things from Lowes, so I surprised Ashley at work and got to see her office. Don't be a jerk and steal from Lowes!
Apparently I was trying to fight off the anesthesia and stay awake as long as possible. I don't remember taking this video. My surgery went well and I'm recovering right now. Not in much pain, but I'm still on pain medication from the hospital.
We were suppose to go to Boston for Ashleys birthday, but my surgery threw a wrench in those plans. Instead, we bought a ton of cupcakes from Campbells in Lakewood and tried them all.
Sara taking out the trash.
Still recovering, started watching Orange is the new Black. Netflix's series' are pretty good.
Sprokets bought me a seat to the Environments for Humans Craft Summit! Craft is an awesome cms, and I'm looking forward to using it more. Learned some pretty cool things.
Taking it easy, not taking any pain meds. Nothing a Corona and South Park can't fix.
Installing packages. I'm pretty much a node dev with 5 years of Swift experience too.
Coffee and the office.
Lola loves bacon. With a reckless passion. Breakfast is difficult to eat with her begging.
Ashley bought a stand up paddle board and is testing it out on Lake Erie. It's really hard to use when the lake is choppy.
Obligatory Chipotle line second.
More practice with the brush pens. This one is stiffer than the other one I was using.
New office setup! Clean and simple.
Shooting more photos for the Ralston product videos. So much fun.
I thought we were going to dinner and get some drinks with some friends and it turned out she got my parents and about 30 of my friends to get together and throw me a surprise party. It was really fun but I forgot to shoot any video of it. Great night, not so great morning.
Jake back disasters the new Tri-star miniramp. It's so smooth.
Made a flyer for the Lakewood Meltdown, this is the video I made for Instagram and Facebook.
Time for a new drivers license. Ashley almost failed her eye test.


More official birthday party at my parents house. Thanks for the cake, Mom.
This is another view of me waiting in the doctors office for the doctor. My post-op went well and I can start lifting and running again! Best health-related news I've had in a while.
Celebrating 4th of July in Port Clinton and Ashleys dad took us on a plane tour in an older airplane over Port Clinton. Random and fun!
Fireworks in Port Clinton over the Lake. Happy 4th.
The Browns competing against each other in a series of intense backyard games.
Brad acquired a handful of m80's and we were going around the house trying to figure out things we could blow up. We thought a watermelon would be perfect but mom was cutting it up for dinner. So, Brad and I went and bought a few watermelons from Aldi and blew them up. America.
When Lola wants to go somewhere she'll walk herself. And pull you along for the ride.
Broke up the work week by going to Kalahari with Ashley and her family. First time going there and it was a blast. The toilet bowl and the swim up bar were my favorite parts.
Driving home. I hate this stoplight. It takes forever to change.
Using my new favorite mug at work.
Skate trip to Caseys house in Athens with Doug, Jake and Eddie. We ended up skating a skatepark for 2 hours then buying beer and going to a pool that Casey had access to and then skating to parties. Good time, but not so productive filming mission.
The next day in Athens suffered the same fate as the day before. Everyone was ordering craft beers, but I stuck with the award winning red, white and blue.
Heading back home.
I've been working out at home with my bench and free weights but Ashley has a black card to Planet Fitness and is able to bring a guest for free. Running on a treadmill is way easier than running and dodging potholes and cars on the street.
Lola treat test. She passed.
The dog park is slowly becoming part of my weekly routine. Dating a girl with a dog comes with a certain level of new responsibility. I could only imagine what a child would be like. A dog is more than enough for me right now.
Adrian and I are drinking the beer that my family and I brewed at Brew Kettle and keeping Ashley company while she cooks. Solid night.
Working out at home is really difficult when you have a dog that thinks you're playing with her all the time. We now put her in the bedroom while we work out.
Twin forks at the Grog Shop. Dashboard confessional songs made a few appearances.
The daily drive home from Sprokets.
Lola is really bad at goodbyes.
Filling up my tank, Speedway has the best gas prices in Lakewood.
Early November at Mahalls, love going to shows here because it takes under 5 minutes to walk home.
I've got a pretty good wall of coffee and chipotle cups around my desk. Been working a lot and convince foods have been taking the place of my normal diet foods. I need to get back on track.
I started playing Ingress and the next block is pretty dense with portals. It's weird seeing places differently because of this game. Nice game Google.
Been pretty busy lately. Slept in and had a much needed easy morning to recharge.
A huge storm came through Cleveland and was ripping siding off of houses and taking down tree limbs everywhere. You can hear the Lakewood stom siren going off in the background.
Ashley got a parking ticket at the beach when we took Lola the other day. This is proof that I mailed it. I had one job.
New toy that I can't wait to shoot. Never shot a lever-action gun of this caliber before, 444 Marlin..
Hung up some lights on the porch tonight. I'm kind of thinking this was a pintrest project but she denied it when I brought it up.
Went to my parents house and Brad was there. We ended up having a fire in the backyard and blowing up a zucchini.


Joe and Tyler's birthday, Kaylee got a cake for them and we made them cut the cake together for the sake of a cheesy Instagram photo.
Back to my parents house. Blew up another zucchini, and hit another one with a sledgehammer. Produce never stands a chance at our house.
Checking out Capital Theater tonight. Saw I Wish You Were Here, with a beer in hand.
My car takes a beating. The roads in Ohio are pretty bad, but Lakewood is even worse. I need to replace my control arm bushings.
I found a new firing range, called Select Fire in Berea. I've wanted to check it out for a while. Mentioned it to my dad and he said he'd bring my brother and grandpa along. Had a good time with my family and the range was nice. I liked that they had a range officer to help anyone out and keep an eye on things.
My mom found these lights at a garage sale for me for a few dollars. Thanks mom.
The end of the work day, time to go exercise from sitting in a chair all day.
Ashley bought a few new bottles from Lowes, and she gave me one. I'm flattered but usually you take the bottle instructions out before filling the bottle with water.
We sat at a table for a friend at the Cleveland Flea today. It was my first time there and it was really windy. Also it was my first time using a square to exchange money, really easy to use.
My world premiere karaoke, Ashley and I sang "G-thang" at Eddie and Iggys.
Inventory of all the products we were watching for a friend at her Cleveland Flea booth.
Editing more Ralston videos today. This is a really long project, but I love working on it.
I finally framed my good fucking design advice poster and hung it in my room.
Morning push ups. Slowly getting back into a workout routine.
Drinking light beer for the sake of my diet. Taking the ferry to Kellys Island and maybe getting a few guardians for Ingress. Edit: I got a few guardians. Edit Edit: They've all been taken out.
Spent the night on Kellys Island in the Boat with Jared, Chelsea, Brandon, Sierra and Ashley. We had some food out and some ducks came on the back of the boat. Jared captured one and brought it on board but I didn't get it on film.
Back to work. Coffee always helps ease the transition between the weekend and beginning of the week.
My mom gave me this lamp in college that she found at a garage sale. It was Black Label, of course I hung it up. But it never worked because someone cut the cord.. probably why she got it for so cheap. Today my dad was bored and put a new cord on it and it lit up like a charm. Well, as charming as a beat up 20+ year old beer sign could be.
Walking to work. I have to pass Melt everyday. It's been easy to not give in this year but when I first started I wasn't as strong willed.
The Lorain County Fair is the perfect blend of Carnies, Hillbillies and fair food. I love the tractor pulls, but I went with friends and walked around this year. I was swindled out of a stuffed animal I won from the balloon-dart-toss game.
Post-op check ups. I never want to see a doctors office again.
Editing a video for Lobby Lights! It's a blessing to be able to work for such great clients.
Late night working today. I know I'm going to go home and crash, so I took my phone out and filmed the walk to my car.
Getting a crash course in LaCrosse today at Lakewood Park. There is more running involved than I expected, but never having played LaCrosse before I'm not sure what I expected.
I installed hyperlapse today and this was my test on the way home from work. I held my phone up and didn't look at the screen until I was parked safely at home.
Ashley and I are going to the Dog Park with Lola. I think she knows it because when Ashley went to grab drinks for us Lola wouldn't stop jumping around.
The morning ritual.
Went to select fire again today with a few boxes of ammo and this was the result from varying yards. Practice, practice, practice.
Finally received my passport a few days before Ashley and I are going to Toronto. Cutting it pretty close, United States Department of State.
For the past few Labor Day weekends, we go to Cincinnati for fireworks and festivities. This year was no exception. What happens in Cinci stays in Cinci. And a lot happened.
The Hofbrauhaus is another Cinci tradition. It also marks the end of the season, until Cinco De Mayo 2015. It's the off season, boys.


The drive home the next day. Ack.
Since I've met Ashley and assumed the role of “dog dad”, I kept hearing about Lakewood Parks Puppy Plunge and how much fun it is for dogs to swim in Lakewood Parks pool. It was insane. Dogs everywhere, shaking water off of themselves and chasing every tennis ball that was thrown into the water. Lola shows off her skills in her pink life vest.
Driving to Canada and Ashley is trying to sing with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.
Last night we went to Niagara Falls and had a blast. Today were in Toronto and Amazed at the city. Pictures do the CN Tower no justice. You need to go and experience this for yourself. The sides of the tower are curved, and when your're looking up it gives you a weird vertigo feeling. Nonetheless, we're exploring downtown Toronto today.
Opening up the door to our room in Toronto. Groupon and googleing hotel reviews for the win!
One of the things that came up every day we were in Toronto was Degrassi. Apparently it was filmed in Toronto and the school isn't too far away from downtown. Ashley wanted to go check out the set, so we made time today and made ventured out. It was locked up and no one but a security guard was there and we couldn't get in. But there was a gap in the fence where you could see the school, so we went and Ashley wouldn't stop telling me things that happened on those steps. For this, if we ever make it to Northern Ireland, were going to Castle Ward and I'm going to nerd out on Game of Thrones events. Even though I'm pretty sure Winterfell is only there for the show.
Today is my first time in an Ikea. It was as overwhelming as I thought it would be and I ended up spending about seventy-five dollars on things Ashley said I needed for my house.
Got home around midnight last night and finally got to bed around 2am. Waking up for work was nearly impossible, but there is work to be done.
One of the things I've learned in college is that theres only one way to get rid of old eggs.
Trying to infuse vodka for a get together Ashley is having next week. This is the first batch. Read on the Internet you can put Sour Patch Kids in vodka over night and it will have a sweet sugary taste to it. Sure enough, it checked out.
I set up some lights on the porch today. More preparation for a party.
8 of my good friends and I went to the Turquoise Jeep at The Foundry. If you thought there YouTube music videos were aggressive, you should see them live. One of the funnest shows I've been to this year.
Last night was Ashleys party. All the preparation and making food/drinks left us exhausted. Ordering Chinese food and staying on the couch today.
Today, nothing really that exciting happened.It was an average day, and I forgot to shoot video today. Realizing that at the end of the day, here is how Lola sleeps everynight.
Southern Tier Pumpking is my favorite seasonal beer. I get really excited when it comes out, but it's so expensive, I can only warrant buying a bottle or two of it. This is one of the two bottle I bought this year.
My first time at 16 bit in Lakewood! Friends from Hawaii came into town and we went to Melt and 16 bit afterwards. Cool place, lots of craft beers and unlimited free arcade games. Naturally, I went straight to Mortal Combat.
Has it been 6 months already? Brewing beer with my Uncle Rod, Grandpa and Dad at Brew Kettle!
My brother is still in Colorado for my dads birthday, but we facetimed while he was opening presents. Hardly get to see both of them enough anymore.
Ashley and I went on a date night and as we were done eating our entrees, we were still talking and she ended up ordering some champagne. A bottle of it. I think we stayed and talked over drinks for a few hours. Sorry Burtnwood Tavern staff.
The cleanse begins, yet again. I love this blender.
The rainy drive home from work.
Working on BlendGuide.com after work tonight. I learn a lot when I work on side projects. It's a great way to learn something for work, but make the mistakes and learn from them on my own time at my own pace.
Looking at my notes from last night, I took them into Sketch and made multiple layouts for my revision of BlendGuide. Not entirely sold on it yet, but it's a start. And it's much better than the Wordpress theme I hacked up and is live now.
Regular vehicle maintenance. Clean oil is important.
Sitting down to a days work.
Filmed with Doug, Jake, Eddie, Gary and Mike at a ledge spot downtown. Filmed the intro for the friends section that I'm really excited about.
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. McGrew! Fun wedding and I wish you guys the best of luck!
Lola loves the car but as soon as it starts moving she freaks out.
Been doing moderately alright with my diet, but need to start doing more cardio. Today we ran and did a fitness blender on YouTube and it kicked my ass.
The headlight on my car has been out for about a week and a half now. I finally received my parts in the mail and I'm replacing the soggy headlight and both HID bulbs. Feels good to have two headlights again.


Keeping up with a diet now. Everyother day were doing cardio and running. I keep telling myself in the long run it will be worth it.
Edited this footage from the other day and made an Instagram video for it. You can find it here.
Michael Rosenberg made a video called “Ohio Collective” and premiered it at Tri-Star.
Westside Market has some awesome produce for pretty cheap, but it is a mad house trying to find a parking spot. The biggest parking lot on w25th and it takes 25 minutes to find a parking space. I should just take the RTA.
Something things in life never get old. Blowing things up in your backyard is one of them. Posted this on instagram here.
Still on my diet. Still doing cardio. I tried to be as graceful as possible, after cardio and running with a dog for a half hour.. but it just didn't work. Here is me gasping for air on the home stretch of a run. But it felt so good.
At Aldi, you can reuse your bags. I go to Aldi a lot and forget my bags every single time I go. Sorry environment. If anyone needs Aldi bags, let me know. I have plenty. This shot took me 17 tries, by the way.
Helping my dad around the house today. Cleaning a crock for him.
We found really good deals on round trip tickets to Hawaii and a few days stay at a resort, so Ashley bought them and I'm paying her back. So this is where all of my money is going.
Security updates to OSX to start out the day.
I bought a new GoPro to take to Hawaii, and I wanted to play around with the 4k and the 1080p120fps. So, I loaded Lola up in the car and took her to the beach. It was so much work getting close to her to film while shes shaking the water out of her coat, but I got it. Slowed it down in AE and ramped the speed. No Twixtor, but I'd love to play around with that too.
My saving grace.. sweet, sweet black coffee.
Jimmy Eat World with Ashley and Sara in Columbus! Awesome show!
Casual night of laundry, redditing and watching netflix.
Bottling our beer at Brewkettle. It was great while we were drinking it, but I opened a bottle when I got home and it was flat. Brewkettle didn't have enough C02 in their lines. They're brewing another batch for us and letting us re bottle it for free. Awesome news, thanks again guys.
Soon, these leaves will be changing and falling off. I'm not ready at all.
The new Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland! We went there opening weekend and it was a blast. A photographer was there and was shooting photos. I had no idea who he was, so when he was shooting a photo of me I grabbed Nikolas glass and held it up next to mine with the stupidest face I could muster up. The next day I'm tagged in a ton of posts on Facebook. I'm the cover photo for Scene Magazines Hofbrauhaus article! Fun night nonetheless.
Checking out the new dog park downtown, I was the bridge rising to let a ship pass by. I decided to take a timelapse of it. So cold and my phone ended up dying. Glad the video still saved.
My grandfathers birthday, he got a mouse for his computer and was so excited. Happy Birthday, Grandpa.
Taco Tontos is the hangout. Close enough to my house to walk and they have really good food at a good price. Win/win/win.
Finally installing OSX: Yosemite. I didn't download the beta but everyday I thought about it. Excited for the new features!
Doug got a new car this year! Even though it's a Honda... Just kidding. I'm a sucker for those wheels.
Jake got an ender for his part today. And that's all I have to say about that.
Went to the site of the Crooked River Skatepark today for Volunteer Days. The park needs help planting trees and other misc. work around the site. Was glad to go down and shoot some video and help. Edited this video for Instagram today too.
Back to filming for HUNGRY. This year has been insanely busy and haven't been able to get out and film as much as I would of liked to. But Eddie got a really nice bluntside today.
This is way more fun than it should be. Dogs love lasers, but now she's looking around for it all the time. Even when it's not out being used. Sorry for giving you a complex, Lola.
This is the only other time this year there has been this kind of sunshine with rain. I'd rather just have the sun.
Volunteering at the Crooked River Skatepark again today. Laying down hay to protect the grass seed. Hopefully it takes root before the ground gets too hard.
Leaving for Hawaii today! Never been on such a long plane ride in my life, and I can't wait to get to some nice weather and have some fun! Technically this is the day before still, but I's so early, I'll count it.
Drinks at the gate at 6 in the morning. Yes 30 minutes after the other second. This is my video and I'll bend the rules how I want. Also, please don't judge me for a 6am mimosa. It's a celebration.


We made it to Hawaii! These next few clips aren't really in any particular order. This clip is of Brian cutting open a coconut with a machete. Debatably the most Hawaiian thing I've ever seen.
Jumping off of South Point today was one of the funnest thing's I've ever done. Some people have done flips off of it, but jumping with a camera in my hands was scary enough for me. Brian and I went underneath the spot where everyone jumps, to the bottom of the fishbowl and tried to climb up the rocks. The waves would come in and throw you against the rocks, then would go back out and would pull you out towards the ocean. Timing was everything. I got up on the rocks but the waves pulled me off my feet and back out to the ocean. I just used the ladder at that point.
Ashleigh took Ashley and I to the best snorkeling spot on The Big Island today, and it didn't disappoint. We got to swim with sea turtles and other tropical fish that I've never seen in real life before. The whole trip has been mind blowing so far!
Hiking the Muliwai Trail from the bottom ofWaipio Valley today. It's a small, steep and rocky climb but it's totally worth it for the lagoon at the top and the sights along the way. This is the view of the valley from about a quarter of the way up the trail.
Brian took us on a path only known to the locals today. He pulled over and took the top of his Jeep down and we had some of the best views of the trip. I liked this one of the trees when we were driving through the forest.
We went ziplining today and I couldn't stop thinking about the South Park episode of ziplining. It was pretty fun, but the best zipline was the last one. 50mph and a few thousand feet.
Ashley brought some Chistmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company on her checked bag so we could enjoy our first of the season on the beach. I forgot how heavy these beers were, because I usually have a few layers on and am shivering in the below zero Ohio weather. But on the beach, this borderline was intolerable. Nevertheless, we powered through it and enjoyed them. on our last day in paradise.
Today, we were in 3 different cars and 3 different planes in 4 major cities. We're exhausted and picking up Lola. She freaked out when she saw us.
Back in Ohio. I already want to go back.
My uncle has a keg of Christmas Ale on tap at his house, and with my cousins birthday and my aunt visiting us from Colorado, why not have a Christmas Ale? I only had one. One is more than enough.
Trying to transition into normal life is difficult. Spending a day in bed and sleeping. We found the laser and Lola is happy.
I wasn't suppose to post this, but Ashley bought strips you put over your nose and remove and clogged pores. I guess this is what people do with these? I don't know.
Back to reality. And snow. Can I dust my snowboard off yet?
It just never stops.
The VIP area of Avenue Tap House. It's just an area with couches.
Goodbye summer wheels, hello snow tires.
Obligatory Chipotle line second of the day.
Below freezing for almost a week.
Watching Sunny, and this is one of my favorite episodes. It's going to be a good day.
Walking to Campbells just to get a coffee. Resisting all of the sweets this place has to offer is a test in itself.
At least I don't have to get out and scrape it.
Christmas shopping season has begun, and it's expensive.
Upgrading to a Amazon Fire TV Stick from my old Roku 1 device. Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Instant Video. This device is awesome.
Getting lined up at The Chop Shop before the holidays.
Driving to Nashville to be with Ashleys family for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to meeting the rest of Ashleys family.
Thanksgiving dinner with Ashleys family. First time I've had a deep friend turkey. Believe the hype.
Ashley eating a cherry. A 150 proof cherry.
While we were in Tennessee, Ashleys sister Lauren was getting married. I brought my cameras and shot some photos and video. Here is a short part of Lauren and Zach exchanging vows. Congratulations!
The 8 hour drive back to Cleveland, turned into a 10 hour drive thanks to a few pit stops and Lola refusing to use the bathroom.


When Lola is in a car for too long, she starts to get anxious, pant and whine. We stopped at Zaxby's and get her some ice. Calmed her down for a while.
Bought a Blue Yeti Blackout microphone and I'm narrating everything. I made a few videos reading BuzzFeed articles and now, I'm moving onto BlendGuide.
Canton is having a preliminary skatepark meeting today and a lot of my friends in Akron came out to show support! Good to see so many people coming out and supporting skateboarding. The first of many meetings.
The cold drive home.
Preparing for Light Up Lakewood by cleaning some windows. I never knew these windows flipped in like this.
My parents, Brad and me went Christmas tree shopping today. We cut down our own tree and got to ride the tractor back to get some coffee and wrap the tree up. Real trees are leagues better than fake ones. The holidays are about the rich smell of pine.
Been working on miscellaneous things lately, and I'm exhausted. Relaxing the rest of the day.
My newest obsession is avocados. More specifically, guacamole. But tonight I made avocado dip with lime, italian dressing and a few other spices. Turned out really well.
Spotted this “dh” in the Saloon and couldn't help but laugh. If you don't know, you don't know.
Amazon packages for days. Yep. Christmas is close.
Joe and I decorating the two real Christmas trees we bought for the house this year. Long story short, we got a really good deal on two trees. Haha.
Got a new printer at the office today! CMKY printer that is big enough to run tabloids through it. /heart-eyes
Lola concerned about Ashley, who is downstairs.
My dad frying tortillas for the traditional Knittel tacos at Christmas. Followed by difts and Christmas Ale. I love the holidays.
Today is Lolas Birthday. We celebrated by going to the pet store and letting her pick out some treats and a cake. Except, shes afraid of everything. Including the cake.
Today is my Moms birthday. Got to see the family and cheat on my diet with some Lus pizza. Today was a good day.
Back on the diet wagon, made some guacamole and chips. Watching some louie and unwinding from a long day.
Chipotle. /heart-eyes
The Dewars night cap. This bottle has lasted through a lot of people taste testing it. Dewars should endorse me with a new bottle after introducing so many new people onto their product.
On black friday, I ordered what I thought was going to be the card game Bullshit. 5 of them. Well, today the boxes came and inside... actual bullshit. Is's from Cards Against Humanity, so I'm not sure what I expected.
Made a video from writing Christmas tags for the people at Ashleys work. Hope they enjoy them.
Working on the Second of the Day logo! I forgot how fun it is making logos.
Taking my sketch from yesterday onto the computer. Getting close to the end of the year, and another year of SotD.
Ashley bought me a GoPro mount for Christmas called Fetch. I can officially strap my GoPro to Lola now! It' hilarious to watch the footage.
Merry Christmas! Remember those packages of bullshit I received from Cards Against Humanity? I've been giving them away as white elephant gifts. Sorry Grandpa..
Driving to the Poconos to see Ashley's family for Christmas.
Had our third Christmas of the season today and were getting into a bottle of wine now. Earlier, we drove around for 2 hours trying to find a place to eat. Nothing like Lakewood.
We had to drop Lola off at Ashleys brothers house because the cabin didn't allow pets. We picked her up today and she was happy to see us. It took her a while to settle down.
On my way to work today, I went saw people carrying kegs out of World of Beer. I figured they were making room for new beer, but when I got to work I noticed the sign was taken down. A friend sent me a link to The Lakewood Observer saying that World of Beer has been shut down. Sad days.
Sprokets mugs came in today! Turned out really well!
New years eve and Ashley and I went on a party bus with Brian, Amy and some other friends. One of the funnest New years yet, it was fun bouncing around from place to place. Can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer!