Second of the Day is a collection of short clips filmed daily & edited yearly.

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More info about Second of the Day 2017

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Current Location
  • Lakewood, OH

"The battle is won before it begins."

In 2017, I traveled abroad for the first time to Amsterdam and Ireland. Made a website for a family business, was introduced to the world of subsonic 300BLK, pellet grills, and mechanical keyboards. I've been making headway on learning about the web and better ways of building it. Living in Lakewood, Ohio with my girlfriend, Ashley and German Shepherd, Lola.

Usually I'm fighting time with SOTD and it's a losing battle every time. I was more prepared this year — learning from previous years' mistakes, I began working on the website in the beginning of the year instead of mid-December like I use to.

Daily Log

An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


Bringing in the new year at East End in The Flats of Cleveland with Ashley, Doug, Bridget, Eddie, Shannon, Jake, Kenzie and Brian.


Lola loves playing with the laser pointer.


The gear I have to wear to let Lola outside. Or to just go outside for that matter.


Standing while working with my shiny new Fully/Ergo Depot Jarvis desk! Great investment so far. The top standing mat is 100% worth it.


Working at the standing desk still. I worked late last night and ended up working into the morning by accident.


Ashley is out of town and I sent her a video of Lola, this is that video.


Answered the door and was unsure of why someone was handing me a coffee. Read the note and Ashley got me Uber Eats from Washington! She thought I could use a coffee and Lola even got a dog treat!


My old id from the first community college with my Mop hair.


Going to visit Ashley in Washington. She's out there training for her new job.


While Ashley is training, I'm working from the hotel room. Worked out nice that our hours lined up.


Still working from the hotel, a nice change of scenery working in the shared hotel workspace area. Noise cancelling headphones are worth their weight in gold in these spaces though.


Ice skating with Ashley in downtown Washington DC, great location!


Packing up and heading to boston for Ashley's Dads' retirement. So long extended stay hotel room w/ kitchen area.


The bar from the opening scene of The Social Network! When Ashley and I found out we had the afternoon to visit we walked around the Harvard campus and had lunch and a beer at The Thirsty Scholar.


Ashley and her father singing Karaoke after his retirement ceremony/party. I didn't get any footage of the actual ceremony. 


The Uber ride to the Bahh-ston airport, fly back to Washington DC and drive the Jeep back to Lakewood. It's going to be a long day.


Bringing the morning joe back to the battlestation


Back to work.


We had a designer start working from home and I get an office! Excited to have some space of my own but also would like to paint it a different color. A lot of wood paneling going on right now.


The inauguration of president Donald Trump.


A luck-driven modern twist on flip cup and beer pong at the bar. 


Rifle Range with pops, shooting our freshly built 300 blackouts. Very quiet with the can and subsonic ammo.


A morning train delay on the way to work.


Leaving work for the day to go home and work on Blend Guide, and think about starting a blog for myself.


Started doing 5x5 workouts, trying to get stronger and gain muscle. It takes some serious dieting and workouts to make that happen.


Realized that all of my old skate tapes weren't backed up so I bought a Hi8 camera on eBay to playback and capture all of my old tapes to the computer.


Going to sleep, a German Shepherd who thinks she's a lap dog still.


Joes bachelor party downtown Cleveland, this was the only appropriate footage of the night. Looking down on the Public Square ice skating rink.


We have been getting lots of snow in Ohio lately. I love the snow, but it makes digging your car out to go to work a pain.


Digging my car out of the snow for the second time in two days.


I've been slacking on finishing 2015's SOTD and starting 2016's SOTD video - working on them tonight.


Taking Lola out for a W-A-L-K.


Working on some Ralston Instruments stuff.


The painting begins on the new office.


It took 3 coats of "one coat" primer to get the walls ready to paint due to the wood paneling absorbing most of the primer. Finally painting the first coat.


Removing the painters tape on the top trim. 4, 8 hour weekend days of painting and finally done. Took longer than I thought but looks great.


Turns out painting in a poorly ventilated room for multiple days is bad for you. I'm taking a sick day to try to recover.


Another sick day due to paint inhalation. Watching Seinfeld on the couch with a pounding headache all day.


Back to work in the new office. Feeling better, should be back to 100% tomorrow.


Feeling better and getting back on a diet.


Getting back into the swing of things working out. Good way to spend a Friday night.


Grandmas surprise birthday that my mom and aunt planned for her. Family from all over came - good to everyone.


Finished working on 2015's Second of the Day video. Uploading and posting to the site tonight.


Shooting some photos for work today.


Was starting to feel better then hit a brick wall. Cold medicine remedy. 


I love this Varmilo Keyboard, but working at home and at the office means I have to bring the keyboard between the two places.


A snowy morning walk with Lola.


The Improv in Cleveland to see Aries Spears. with some friends.


Importing the hi8 tapes again tonight. I had more tapes than I thought.


Snowy timelaps at work around lunchtime.


I've finished watching The Office and I tried watching Forensic Files. I'm hooked on the stories and awesome 90's technology.


Rocky River Brewing Company for dinner with Ashley


This Titan T-3 power rack is awesome - I love working out with it. And yes, I curl in it because it's mine and I can do what I want.


I ordered a pair or polarized sunglasses online and they shipped me a funky colorway instead of the black ones like I ordered.


Ashley and her champagne.


Forensic Files after working and working out. Guest appearance by sleepy couch Lola.


Warming the ole girl up before driving to work. My car is 10 years old this year! 


AWS goes down for the count today.


Still have a lingering cold. Couch surfing trying to get better.


I've graduated to a stronger cold medicine.


Work, workout, dinner, Files and sleepy couch Lola again.


I've moved a humidifier into the mix now..


Punchbowl social has a party and contest every time they retire a punch bowl. Ashley wrote a haiku and won the party this time! Free punchbowl, bowling and food! Got to practice up on our bowling skills.


My armoire closet.


I ordered a keyboard a mechanical keyboard on massdrop, and it finally came! The worst part of Massdrop is the waiting period for group buys.


Coming home for lunch and Clifton is shut down, Ashley sent me this video. The telephone pole was going to fall in the road. The biggest news in Lakewood.


Ashley and I are going to Amsterdam, Ireland and Northern Ireland! Today we're going to fly yinto Amsterdam for a few hours and explore around the city. Flying out of Detroit. This is going to be a long day.


We've made it to Amsterdam! Ashley and I put our baggage in a storage locker and started walking around the city. We got breakfast and stumbled upon a canal tour. Need to come back. Heading to Dublin to meet Ashley's family.


Visited Saint Johns Castle, drank Guinness at 3 different pubs and Ashley Bought me my first Aero bar. Started our trip towards The Cliffs and The Wild Atlantic Way.


Visited the Cliffs of Moher & Wild Atlantic Way today, one of the coolest places I've ever been. You can walk along the cliffs and see everything from multiple angles. Plenty of scenic overlooks. Ashley's family has a van that fits all 7 of us - fun piling in and out of the van family road trip-style.


My great great grandmother was from Westport, got to stop and walk around there and get lunch today. Was a pretty cool experience! Staying with Ashley's Aunt in Sligo and they took us to their favorite pub - where I got to pour my own pint of Guinness!


Walked around the Streedagh beach in Sligo, the Glencar waterfall and the Bawn Castle in Mullaghmore.


Visited The Dark Hedges on our way to Northern Ireland today! A Game Of Thrones location was pretty cool to see. Also went to Giants Causeway which was a fun to walk around and explore. Took a tour the Bush Mills Distillery and bout a bottle of 12 year they only sell at the distillery. Can't wait to get home and crack it open.


Ashley and I are branching away from the family and spending some time together in Dublin for St. Patricks day. On our way to a tour of the Guinness brewery in Dublin.


St. Patricks day in Dublin! The parade was fun with plenty of people, bands and costumes. We left Dublin after the parade and headed back to Amsterdam where we smoked cigars and drank whisky by the canals. Best St. Patricks day.


Woke up and had to scramble to the train to make our flight on time. We got to the gate as the plane began to board. The plane had outlets in the seats so I was able to work on Second of the Day all the way home.


As fun as the vacation was, it feels good to be home in my own bed. The 8 hour plane ride was my longest one yet.


When I was away, my keyboard for work came! My brown switch Das Keyboard with cherry profile dolche keycaps from eBay. Feels good to not have to bring my keyboard between work and home everyday.


Editing Second of the Day video for 2016 and watching the newly released Dave Chappelle stand up. 


Lola thinks she's a lap dog when you try to take a nap on the couch.


Working on the precision environmental website at Sprokets.


Based on Lola's successful video on YouTube, I decided to see if I could start an Instagram account - I originally wanted to start a website but I figured before I put any money into a new project, I can make an Instagram account for free and post some things on there to see what people respond to.


Kenzies birthday - she discovers a hidden treasure that Shannon made her cake around.


Helped my dad get the boat out of storage, have some work to do before we put her in the water.


My newest book to read before bed. It's an interesting look at the intricate details of war.


I've wanted to make a blog for myself for a while - a site separate from my design portfolio, just to post articles every now and again. I've sketched out the overview of the blog, now for the visual design.


I've learned that people don't really respond to broad category of pets the way they do to a specific pet. So I've made a new instagram specifically for dogs. We'll see how this works out.


Walking to work, the sky looked pretty cool. That's all.


Working on what a blog entry looks like in photoshop. I have Sketch, but I find I can work faster in photoshop on just a single template view. 


I got out of work and thought, maybe I can go fly fishing tonight. The river is way too high to even get close to let alone try to catch anything. 


Ashley and I went to meet Doug, Bridget and Luke in Cleveland as long as we didn't end up going to Barley Houses. This video is from Barley House.


Working on the blog layout with Forensic Files in the background.


Another day, another workout.


Starting to get the rough layout of the site down. Used a Yeoman generator to get everything up and running quickly.


I blew out the speakers in my car a while ago and just now got around to replacing them. The factory speakers had their own harness / mount so I had to drill out the factory mount and rig up a harness, but they work.


Dinner with Ashley at coastal taco in The Flats of Cleveland.


Headed out to Long Island to visit Brad for his birthday. Going over the George Washington bridge - EZ Pass is well worth it.


Working from Brads house while I'm out here. His kitchen table is my office for the week.


Brad is showing me around Long Island - stopped for a beer at Port Jeff Brewing Company. I'd get the Nitro Porter again.


Another day working at Brad's house. Taking a day to relax and hangout.


Brad bought a Traeger on Craigslist! He got a really good deal on it - can't wait to use it. We went to the store and bought a chicken to smoke right after we picked up the grill.


The chicken is smoking. We made an overnight marinade and the tin foil bowl leaked - lesson learned, don't be shy with the aluminum foil.


Brad and his friend took me fishing for Blue Fish. Fishing in the salt water with waders is much different than fresh water - whole new set of techniques to learn.


Leaving Brads house - had a good time with him over the past week. Looking forward to hanging out again.


Taking a walk with Ashley and Lola to Lakewood Park.


Work timelapse.


Back to working on the blog. Getting the markup and styles in place.


Changing out the winter wheels to the summer wheels.


A rainy lunchbreak in Lakewood.


Late night walk with Lola.


Our friend Dre's 30th birthday party at ABC in Ohio City.


Lake Erie is pretty cold still at this time of year, my cousins were talking about how much they would give to jump in the water and swim to shore. The pot was to $50 and Ashley accepted and jumped in the water and swam to shore! Respect was earned, $50 was won. (She bought us Outback Steakhouse curbside to go.)


Watching Rick McCrank's show Abandoned on Viceland while working on the blog. The code is pretty closes to being done - now writing a few articles.


Done with work for the day.


Helping dad with the boat and getting the fish finer up and running.


A time lapse from the office on lunch.


I like going to the University of Akron's Senior Graphic Design Show - it's nice to keep up with the professors and students. Some pretty good portfolios this year.


Lola helping me get ready by leaning against me to get as much dog hair on my pants as possible.


Taking Lola to the dog park.



I love my Ergo Depot / Fully Jarvis standing desk. Sitting all day at work then coming home and sitting more isn't healthy - standing/sitting feels good.


Bill Burr at hilarities in Cleveland! I got seats as close to the stage as I possibly could and he casually made fun of us throughout the night (If you sit in the front row at a comedy show, you're guaranteed to get a few remarks.) Loved it. 


Ashley and I started watching 13 reasons why on Netflix. Mixed thoughts so far.


Grocery shopping today, fully stocked.


Cinco De Mayo party this year, we had a piñata this year and put mini bottles of liquor inside. Turns out Walmart sells indestructible piñatas.


The morning coffee fix.


Grillin' steaks and vegetables with Lola the guard dog.


The drive back to work after lunch.


Started doing Insanity. It is just as the name suggests.


Fly fishing with pops at the club. Released trout in the pond but they're pretty well gone by now. Still really fun to get out and fish.


I won a Vitamix A5200 from Vitamix! This blender is a beast.


Launching and ran into some mystery problems with Amazon S3 - turns out the Ohio location isn't compatible with the Craft CMS asset sources? Took me an hour to figure out just switching the bucket location to Virginia fixed the problem. But I got it live tonight! Feels good man.


Brett and Kristins wedding, congrats guys!


Lola enjoying an ice cream at Browns Dairy Dock between my feet with Ashley and my mom and dad.


Got the SSL on! I should have just done this when I launched the site the other day. Noted for next time.


Lola in her zone at the dog park.


Getting back to work from walking a lot on lunch.


Digital ocean has amazing docs. I was making a new virtual host and accidentally took my sites offline. Using the docs I was able to get it working again in a few minutes.


Insanity again today.


Putting the boat in the water today. FISHING SOON.


Working on the Second of the Day videos for 2016 now that the blog is live.


First real fishing trip out for the season. A lot of small walleye, but a few larger ones as well. Casting seems to be working since they're smaller. You have to be on your toes with the lighter hits.


Rainy day at work.


Loading up the car to go to Ashley's moms house. Clothes, drinks & German Shepherd. We good.


Love the vibe of Nashville. It's one of my favorite places to hang around. Live music everywhere and BBQ everywhere.


Exploring around TN with Ashley. I meant to get a better video but this is the only one I have from the day.


Ashley's moms' backyard. Not pictured: awesome chilling porch.


Going out to dinner and getting Lola a drink from a to-go container. Pro tip for traveling with a dog.


Back home in Lakewood after a long day of driving from Tennessee. 


Working out in the basement. Chest day.


Reading nerdy typography articles on Medium.


I went out on the boat and got horribly sunburnt, borderline sun poisoning. So much aloe vera and moisturizing lotion is in my future.


This is the damage from the sun the day after. My entire upper body looks pretty much like this. My life hurts.


A foggy morning drive to work.


Walk up to work.


CVS run.


Meeting some friends in Put-In-Bay this weekend, dropping Lola off and going over early to check into the AirBnb/condo.


Put-In-Bay weekend.


Put-In-Bay weekend.


The ferry ride back to Port Clinton and then back to Lakewood.


Cavs at Golden State finals - just glad we made it this far.


Javascript 30 with Wes Bos - Hold shift to select multiple text boxes lesson.


Birthday clip of Ashley at Riverwood, her favorite place to get wings and fries. Happy Birthday Ashley!


Going out on the lake walleye fishing today.

06/ 16

Working on Ralston Marketing pages at work.


Carsons first birthday party, he's already starting to grow up too fast!


Mr. Show and moping the house after working out. Insanity is starting to get easier.


The drive home on lunch.


Mid-day office time lapse - it's getting warmer out.


Filmed at Crooked River Skatepark for Go Skate Day then took the Kayak and paddle boards out today on Lake Erie for the summer solstice. A boat passed us going dock and threw us some much appreciated cold beers.


Heading out to work.


Taking Lola on a walk to the end of the street.


Met Ashley's family at The Garrison in Freemont for her grandpas birthday. Good seeing everyone.


Walking on the trails west of Cleveland and Lola was able to take us to the beach.


Before todays 5x5 workout.


Grilling up a quick dinner.


Heading out on Lake Erie to go walleye fishing. Still catching smaller walleye with a larger one every now and again.


Going home for lunch.


Walleye fishing in Lorain with Mom and Dad. This year has been good for walleye, just not that many large ones yet.


Shooting trap with Nate's friends before his wedding. It was my first time shooting at multiple stalls and throwers - really fun but hard to figure out. ...and Nate and Jess' wedding was great too. Congratulations guys!


I have an extension that crawls Craigslist every 5 minutes for certain keywords, this Traeger popped up and I emailed about it 5 minutes after it was posted to setup a time to look at it. The guy who had it never used it and just wanted to get rid of it. Bought it from him and throughly cleaned it tonight. Feels good to finally have a Traeger!


At Cabelas spending some of my birthday money on mesquite, apple and hickory wood pellets, a digital thermometer and a chair from the bargin cave that was too good of a deal to pass up. 


Trial run with the Traeger and a rack of ribs on the 4th of July. Fireworks at Lakewood park.


Walking to work and the crossing gates close right as I'm walking up.


Day 2 walking to work.


PC Load Letter?


Smoked my first brisket on the Traeger. Got it dialed in on an 8 hour smoke. Learned the meaning of low and slow today.


Lakewood is starting to rip up Warren and replace the road. Much needed.


Playing with Lola and as soon as I get my phone out to film she starts acting like she did something wrong.


As soon as Bill Burr tickets were available, I booked them and got a table in the front row. Sitting in the front row at a comedy show ensures youre going to get heckled by the comedian. He only made slight jokes about us, but it was still a great show!


The fight for open, unfooled-around-with internet.


Working on the Second of the Day website tonight with some CCR.


Road work on Warren.


More road work on Warren.


Smoked ribs for #smokinsaturdays at our house. Had some friends over and had a pot-luck style dinner and drinks. 


Taking Lola on a walk between website projects.


Shoulder day.


My computer shut down because of a error in the middle of the night. This is the first time this has happened in a while.


Working on the NOBW site and watching Forensic Files.


Ashley's sister has come to visit us for the weekend. We went to Little Italy and stopped in Cleveland afterwards to watch the fireworks in Lakewood from the Rock Hall. The front of the Rock Hall had an event with live music. Cleveland is pretty under rated.


Killing the Saturday night shopping game. Buckets only.


Website and Forensic Files kind of night. Again.


My computer shut down because of an error again.. this is not a good habit to get into, computer.


Jimmy Eat World and Incubus at Blossom with Ashley. It was our first time at the Blossom and first time listening to a band on the lawn. It was fun, but for rock-type bands it's a little weird sitting on the lawn.


My desk at work.


The walk to work.


Jeff Moss' 30th birthday at Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland! Good food, good times. Happy Birthday, Jeff!


Drank whiskey with Jeff and Brian last night and needless to say, I'm slowly starting my day out with some Forensic Files.


Took Lola to the dog park and river today. She loves it while she's there, but she knows that means getting a bath when she comes home.


Taking The Skate Kitchen truck back to Cleveland with Vince and got Tea House Noodles for lunch. #rica


Fishing on the boat today, didn't catch a single fish - but was fortunate enough to see a pretty nice sunset so cap off the day.


I found this 'foreclosed' house on Zillow so Ashley and I went to check it out. It looks great, but the realtor said it wasn't foreclosed yet and the bank hasn't put it up yet? Keeping an eye on it because it looks like a nice house.


Lola knows when our cars pull up.It's fun to have her outside while Ashley pulls up because she freaks out and wants to see her. 


Took the boat out on Lake Erie today. I could live out there.


Regular software updates.


Worked on the NOBW site tonight.


Walking into work.


Morning bike ride into work.


Went out on the boat with my parents and stayed out until dark fishing for walleye. The dark ride in.


Stopped by a train on the way to work.


Working on the NOBW site again tonight. Getting the service page working.


I woke up like this. With a German Shepherd laying on me. She forgets she not a puppy sometimes.


Perch fishing this afternoon with my parents. Fish finder is looking good!


Afternoon time lapse.


I'm selling my iMac and would like to get a 34 inch ultrawide monitor. There isn't a huge flat ultrawide monitor out there - since I'll be using this for design the curve will distort the picture. Have my eye on a Dell or LG monitor for now.


Reformatting the iMac for it's new owner.


Going to Nashville for Labor Day with some buddies. This AirBnB was just posted and we managed to snag it before anyone else. It almost looks too good to be true.


Went to the bar to with Brenton and Nikola to catch up.


I love Amazon's 2 day shipping, even came on a weekend! Unboxed this monitor and set it up on my desk. Fell in love with it as soon as I turned it on. The flat 34in monitor makes working so much better with more screen real estate.


Another rifle range day with Dad. Sighting in the new Vortex Sparc AR red dot. Only took 6 shots to dial it in (2, 3 shot groups)!


The eclipse was today, with the use of a filter I was able to shoot a pretty cool photo of it!


Rough day out on the lake today. Was going to go perch fishing but it was too choppy so we switched to walleye tackle. No dice either way.


Working on the NOBW site again, getting close to finishing it up.


Dan made a pretty cool Products API at work. Updating the changes I made.


My parents are always telling me how I only make ribs for my friends, so I had to change that this weekend. I went to Westside Market to buy some pork ribs from the butcher.


The beginning of the 6 hour smoke for the ribs. Had my parents and grandparents over and I got the nods of approval while everyone was eating. The best kind of approval!


Making post-workout smoothies.


Making all of the fields to make a calendar for the past 5 years for Second of the Day. Using a spreadsheet .csv, I made all of the fields and imported them to craft. Some of the slugs had a "-01" at the end of them, but it beats making all of these fields by hand.


Launched tonight! Next step, let's encrypt SSL certificate.


Haircut day at heirloom barbershop in Lakewood.


Taking Lola on a walk overlooking the lake.


First time at Oktoberfest and my first Glockenspiel.


Worked on the Second of the Day site on the road to Nashville. Laptop operation in a van is difficult.


Made it to Honky Tonk Central in Nashville! Amongst a large list of other bars and restaurants. Live music everywhere.


Dudes weekend in Nashville. Started the evening off with music and beers in the AirBnb. It's one of the nicest places I've ever stayed in.


Got home from Nashville just in time for Lola's favorite event of the year, the Lakewood dog swim at Foster Pool.


Took Lola for a walk today and you can tell she's still tired from the dog swim yesterday.


Ashley won a trip on Facebook from South West Airlines! All expenses paid vacation for her and 3 friends! We leave tomorrow morning for Laguna Beach and San Bernardino, California!


Made it to Laguna Beach! We checked out some beaches and went on a $14 wale watching charter tour where we saw hundreds of dolphins feeding on anchovies in the water. Definitely worth the money.


Got to meet Andrew McMahon and see him perform at High and Low fest today. He even gave us a ride on his golf cart around the festival grounds, so we got to be those people today. He was the nicest guy, very down to earth. I've never seen Ashley so star struck in my life! She was adorable. And I don't say that word very often.


Back home to Ohio, but not without getting In-N-Out burger first! Double-double Animal-style with a chocolate shake. Believe the hype!


Back home in Ohio, taking Lola on a long walk for leaving her (with our friends) all weekend.


Stopped by a train on the way to work.


Got my Vitamins and BCAA's from Amazon for cheaper than just buying one container of BCAAs from the local GNC.


Ashley told me about Olive Garden's "Pasta Pass", so I tried to get one and I got in the waiting room! Thats as far as I got though..


Mom and dad came out for dinner and took a walk around Lakewood Park. The Cleveland overlook is always a great place to take people.


Brad came out for my dad's birthday and deer season, we went hunting then celebrated my dad's birthday. This is his shiny new pellet grill firing up for the first time.


Ashley and I took the day and cleaned our cars. I woke up early and went to Home Depot to buy a shop vac. Adult purchases.


Walked out to leaves on my car this morning. Fall starts now in my books.


On a Ralston trip to Louisville, KY - we stop at a bar/pub for a bite to eat.


Home from the Ralston trip and watching an episode of West World. One of my favorite shows right now.


Sprokets got me a ticket to Brad Frost's talk about Design Patterns. Really fun but really mentally exhausting to think about.


Taking Lola for a walk to the lake!


I bought an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil off a guy on craigslist - on the way home we passed Porcos. Decided to have a celebratory drink with Ashley and to start up the iPad for the first time but I needed to be on Wifi. Porcos wouldn't give out the password so we were stuck talking to each other face to face like it was 2002 or something. It was a good time!


Typical grocery shopping day.


Buying a rack and having it in my basement is a great way to eliminate excuses for not wanting to go to the gym. It's literally in your house. Great motivator.


Went to the bathroom at home and found myself locked in when I tried to leave. I was stuck in there for around an hour, took off the hinge pins and that didn't work - removed the doorknob to manually open the door, that didn't work -Ashley ended up getting me out with a spatula and a hammer from the outside.


Time lapse at the office.


In the market for a new phone and iTunes doesn't give me the nerd level of precision I need to pull stuff off of my iPhone in bulk, so I found iExplorer. Worked like a charm.


Chest and triceps day.


Going fishing with my parents today. Didn't get sunburnt, but also didn't catch many Walleye. Still a good day.


Decided to add maps to this years' SotD website. Because this project wasn't large enough as it is.


After work, I worked on Second of the Day more. Then I settled in and watched some Forensic Files with the sleeping dog on the couch.


Ashley and I went to Sammi's game at Lake Catholic High School!


Rainy work time lapse.


Working on Second of the Day a lot lately. I tend to lose track of time pretty easily.


Still working on Second of the Day's website.


Having some friends over for a wine, whiskey and cheese party. Shannon went over the top with the Charcuterie board. I had to google that to know how to spell it. 


Putting the shotguns to work with my dad and Brad. 


The office is getting renovated. 


Cleaning the shotguns from the other night of shooting with Brad and my dad.


A rainy morning on the way to work. More renovations.


Eating smoothies for dinner in preparation for Hawaii. Low calorie diets are the worst.


My dad and I doing paperwork.


Codi and Caitlin's wedding, great beer, great food, great venue. Congrats guys!


Reading some John Grishams and 'watching' Seinfeld in the background. I heard "Cant-stand-ya" and had to rewind it. Gold. Also, I'm a subtitles person now.


A nice Lakewood morning at work.


Taking Lola for a lunchbreak walk.


It seems like there is always an update for the AirPort firmware.


Ashley is getting her car worked on, so I took her to a meeting today and got to work in a study room all to myself this morning. It was awesome. Would recommend. 


I got a new phone and am putting everything in slow motion or using the depth affect. This iPhone 8+ camera is so much better than my iPhone 6+. (As usual)


Going to my grandpas birthday party today, I forgot to film anything while I was there.


"My cuban's" – Cosmo Kraimer.


Trying out the make-react-app today. Long overdue.


I bought a new phone and had my old phone laying around and wanted to do a test between them. Figured this was a good excuse to also show people I've shaved my beard. Should I return my new phone?


Off to Tornoto for out flight to Hawaii! It's going to be a long day of traveling, but the flights are so much cheaper out of Toronto than Cleveland. We're making a stop in Niagara Falls for a quick nap in a hotel room before making the journey to Honolulu. 


Traveling from Toronto to Honolulu with a stop in Atlanta. I can't sleep on planes. This is going to be intense. Working on Second of the Day to pass some time and be productive.


Made it Honolulu! Checked into our Airbnb, explored the city and now taking a sunset catamaran tour of Waikiki with Doug, Bridget, Aaron, Christine and Ashley. 


Brian, Ashleigh, Doug, Bridget, Aaron, Christine, Ashley and me went to Lanikai Beach and hiked the Pillbox trail today! Went to Lanikai Brewery after the hike and the beach for a black IPA, then went to see Andrew McMahon perform an acoustic set at Blue Note! Also was introduced to the game Heads Up on iPad tonight. Long, exhausting but great day.


Leaving Oahu for Kauai today. We landed, got the rental car and made our way to the AirBnb. Got into the AirBnb to see mop buckets and bedding thrown all over the house - looking at the listing we realized we were 2 hours early and found beers and "an easy hike". We earned our beers today. Eventually got into the AirBnb and explored around the island, this was a scenic look out point right off the road as your leaving our place in Princeville.


Found one of my favorite beaches in my life today. Shipwrecks beach has a cliff to jump off of and a huge beach area to relax on. One of my favorite days so far, we all (but one) jumped off of the cliff and went to Spouting Horn for the sunset. Then to the grocery store for provisions. Fun day.


Woke up early and went to Waimea Canyon, the closer we got the foggier it became. Then it turned into a light rain and we couldn't see anything. Decided to go on a hike on the Awa'awapuhi Trail, where 2.75 miles in it started raining and eventually down pouring on us. It was still a great day and hike, but the views were blocked by the rain. We'll try again in a day or two.


Still raining a bit, but cleared up later in the day. We hiked to Queen's Bath which was better in the rain from the violent waves coming up onto the rocks. Not the safest, but pretty cool to see. When the weather cleared up more, we went on another hike to Hideaway beach. More surfers than people on the beach.


Today was a much better view of Waimea Canyon! Clearest day we had, we went back up to the Canyon and went to Shipwreck's Beach on the way back to Princeville. Was an awesome trip that I hope everyone gets to see!


Going from Kauai, Oahu, Atlanta, Toronto, Lakewood. It's going to be an exhausting day.


After a long day of flying to who knows how many airports, we have to drive back from Toronto to Lakewood. I need my own bed!

11/ 05

First day back from Hawaii, grandma says she's having a taco dinner for the family. Of course Ashley and I are coming.


Coming back from vacation, we have 0 food in the house.


Reintegrating into society with coffee. 6 hour time difference takes a while to get use to.


Ashley and I taking Lola for some much needed dog park time.


Call of Duty WWII came out and I marathon leveled up to unlock the throwing knife. Tons of fun, but horrible for my SPM and K/D. Worth the fun.


We just cleaned our cars an Lola isn't allowed in the back seat, I'm playing goalie.


Sending documents to the CLEO. No, I didn't get a traffic ticket.


The boating season is over and time to store the boat. Parking it over a friend's house to store for the winter. Next season can't come soon enough.


Another day, another coffee.


I usually only play Xbox when there is a new Bethesda or Call of Duty game out. It just so happens that Call of Duty came out this month.


The power went out at work today, so I'm working from home.


Aldi trips with Ashley


There has been non stop banging and pounding at work for the past few weeks. I'm glad to see this carpet laid down.


Stranger Things 2 is awesome! Poor Will Beyers..


Took Lola for a walk and got to experience the first snow/sleet/hail of the new season all at once.


Getting things organized for this year's second of the day video.


We were going to surprise my mom with a trip to the Poconos for her 50th birthday, but my dad spilled the beans. We're still going, but the surprise is blown. Will be a fun weekend regardless.


90s PJ party  at the Winchester in Lakewood.


Thanksgiving with the family at my parents.


I bought a giant box on a really good black friday deal this year! Luckily the Dick's employees loaded it and I had a crew of friends, a brother and a father to help get it into my house.


A real christmas tree is part of what makes the holidays great. The smell of pine in the house only reenforces the spirit. We cut down our own tree today and Ashleys mom and grandpa helped us decorate.


This was technically the late night of the 25th, but Ashleys mom and grandpa helping us decorate the tree.


Setting up a motion detected set of LED strip lights was much easier than I thought it would have been. Plenty of light too.


Inside the box with the motion led strips. The LEDs are nice because they don't give off alot of heat and don't use much power.


Was able to get all of my Christmas shopping done early this year, feels good man.


Driving home on lunch to let the dog out.


Wall mounting the TV at work, the first thing we watched was the Nick Offerman Yule Log. Tis the season.


Annual Home Alone viewing party with the DH. Best time of the year!


Working on React for Beginners and then Second of the Day tonight.


Making some hoodies at Sprokets this year, this it the prototype for the sizes of the logo.


Doing some re-arranging in the office, this is a $20 shelf off of Amazon. Surprisingly it isn't terrible. 


Getting ready to leave work to go home and work and make the journey to the Poconos for my moms 50th birthday.


Made it to the Poconos, got in late and waiting on everyone to get in. No snow yet.


Once everyone made it to the Airbnb, we went on a grocery store run and realized we were close to Scranton, where The Office is shot. After finding out Pour Richards was 20 minutes away, we ended up going there for dinner then went to the Steam Town Mall then came back and watched some episodes of the office with Pour Richards and the Steam Town Mall in them. Tourists. Totally worth it.


For my mom's birthday, she wanted to go to the casino and play some games. The only games I played were the penny slots and only lost $20 total. Not a complete loss, my dad was the big winner. Then we went to dinner and home for Campbells cupcakes and singing my mom happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you.


Packing up the Airbnb and getting ready to head back to Lakewood.


Going to meet Ashley's dad and hangout while he's in town for a short while.


Working, back at it.


On the boat, one of the biggest pains is getting a hook tangled up in the net. This year I got my dad a big rubber-coated net that resists fish hooks pretty good, but first I tested it out on a German Shepherd. She didn't find it as funny as I did.


First good snowfall of the year. Powdery dry snow. I need to put my winter wheels on still.


Lola's birthday today, we took her to the pet store for a new toy, treats and harness. Then we got her a plain cheeseburger from burger king. I think she liked the burger more than anything else.


My mom's real birthday, got to come to the house and spend time with her and the family. Happy real Birthday, mom!


Working on a rough outline of the video for Second of the Day.


Due to a permissions and codec issue (New apple "high-compression" HVEC video to H.264 and all of my new videos are locked  for some reason) I have to re-convert all of my footage shot on my new phone. Lesson learned.


Marathon gift wrapping night. So. Many. Presents.


Shipping out the Sprokets hoodies today. Turned out really well!


Hanging out with Lola before the crazy holidays start.


Had an idea for a new website for drone photography and cinematography so I made an Instagram for it and it's been doing pretty well so far. It's been a fun to talk to people about drones! Can't wait to beging working on this more seriously after this year comes to a close.


Ashley and I decided to open presents before any of our family stuff happened. She got me a 360 timelapse phone holder and this was my 0 effort attempt at a 360 timelapse. Not the best, but had a good time opening presents with Ashley!


Hanging out at my parents house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Story. We watched it 3 times this year. Merry Christmas!


Whole family went to Grandmas for Christmas and opened presents. Was a good time and everyone liked their gifts. Plenty of cookies and sugary treats. Merry Christmas!


It's getting to be the end of the year and I'd love to launch Second of the Day on January 1. Crunch time for video editing.


More work on Second of the Day. Added the songs to the video after making a rough cut, things slowly coming together.


Made the first pass at SOTD video today. Exporting now and have an hour to kill.


When I bought my Traeger, it didn't come with a grease bucket and I refused to pay $7 for a bucket from Traeger. Ashley knew I wanted one so she surprised me with one for Christmas.


Christmas with Ashley's dads side of the family. Great food and everyone liked their gifts! Merry Christmas everyone!


Windows on the River at the Cleveland Aquarium with Doug, Jake, Eddie and the girls. Happy New Year everyone!