August 2017

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2017 | August

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Locations Visited in August
  • Lorain, OH
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Vermilion, OH
  • Cleveland, OH: Westside Market

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An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


Fishing on the boat today, didn't catch a single fish - but was fortunate enough to see a pretty nice sunset so cap off the day.


I found this 'foreclosed' house on Zillow so Ashley and I went to check it out. It looks great, but the realtor said it wasn't foreclosed yet and the bank hasn't put it up yet? Keeping an eye on it because it looks like a nice house.


Lola knows when our cars pull up.It's fun to have her outside while Ashley pulls up because she freaks out and wants to see her. 


Took the boat out on Lake Erie today. I could live out there.


Regular software updates.


Worked on the NOBW site tonight.


Walking into work.


Morning bike ride into work.


Went out on the boat with my parents and stayed out until dark fishing for walleye. The dark ride in.


Stopped by a train on the way to work.


Working on the NOBW site again tonight. Getting the service page working.


I woke up like this. With a German Shepherd laying on me. She forgets she not a puppy sometimes.


Perch fishing this afternoon with my parents. Fish finder is looking good!


Afternoon time lapse.


I'm selling my iMac and would like to get a 34 inch ultrawide monitor. There isn't a huge flat ultrawide monitor out there - since I'll be using this for design the curve will distort the picture. Have my eye on a Dell or LG monitor for now.


Reformatting the iMac for it's new owner.


Going to Nashville for Labor Day with some buddies. This AirBnB was just posted and we managed to snag it before anyone else. It almost looks too good to be true.


Went to the bar to with Brenton and Nikola to catch up.


I love Amazon's 2 day shipping, even came on a weekend! Unboxed this monitor and set it up on my desk. Fell in love with it as soon as I turned it on. The flat 34in monitor makes working so much better with more screen real estate.


Another rifle range day with Dad. Sighting in the new Vortex Sparc AR red dot. Only took 6 shots to dial it in (2, 3 shot groups)!


The eclipse was today, with the use of a filter I was able to shoot a pretty cool photo of it!


Rough day out on the lake today. Was going to go perch fishing but it was too choppy so we switched to walleye tackle. No dice either way.


Working on the NOBW site again, getting close to finishing it up.


Dan made a pretty cool Products API at work. Updating the changes I made.


My parents are always telling me how I only make ribs for my friends, so I had to change that this weekend. I went to Westside Market to buy some pork ribs from the butcher.


The beginning of the 6 hour smoke for the ribs. Had my parents and grandparents over and I got the nods of approval while everyone was eating. The best kind of approval!


Making post-workout smoothies.


Making all of the fields to make a calendar for the past 5 years for Second of the Day. Using a spreadsheet .csv, I made all of the fields and imported them to craft. Some of the slugs had a "-01" at the end of them, but it beats making all of these fields by hand.


Launched tonight! Next step, let's encrypt SSL certificate.


Haircut day at heirloom barbershop in Lakewood.


Taking Lola on a walk overlooking the lake.